San Antonio De Areco

If you are visiting Buenos Aires in Argentina and looking for things to do, then a trip to San Antonio De Areco offers a good day out as well as a glimpse of some real Argentine culture.

Only 1.5 hours away from Buenos Aires a visit to San Antonio De Areco is worth a trip. Located some 110 km away from Argentina’s capital city the village lies on the banks of the Areco stream. With lovely promenades and a simple charm many a visitor leaves with a great opinion.

A Village of Culture

This serene village dates back to the early to mid 18th century when a chapel was built in honour of San Antonio de Padua. It has now become synonymous with traditional gaucho culture and every year hosts the biggest gaucho celebration, the Dia de la Tradicion which takes place in November.

The Weather

The weather in San Antonio De Areco is humid. Maximum temperatures are felt from January to February, whereas the coldest times are between June and July.

Things to do

San Antonio De Areco is suited to those looking for some culture, peace and quiet. Apart from the hospitable locals, visitors can visit the Creole Park, the Ricardo Güiraldes Gaucho Museum, the Usina Vieja Cultural Center, the Puente Viejo and the Carlos Merti Flora and Fauna Park.

Walks along the narrow pavements will bring you across numbers of local workshops and shops that sell local goods such as silverware, rope and leather crafts.

Anyone who likes fishing should take advantage of the river location and call on the Fishing Club for more information.

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