Dolphin Spider Bee Afghan Patterns

Animal patterns are some of the most popular in Afghan crochet. For tips on using dolphin, Spider and bee patterns read our guide…

New crocheters may not always find what they expect when searching for free patterns on the internet. While there are many patterns for afghan squares with dolphin and bee motifs, some of the spider patterns are openwork lace in a pattern called spider stitch. Those looking for crochet afghan patterns featuring spiders can also check under holiday patterns for Halloween. There are a lot of free crochet patterns available for every holiday.

Afghan Dolphin Patterns

The available free crochet afghan patterns for dolphins are worked in small squares which are joined to form the afghan. These generally look best worked in two colors, but use of the colors can be reversed for more interest. While not extremely difficult, these squares usually involve color changes and are best suited to crocheters with some level of experience although crocheters with intermediate skills should have no problem.

Bee Patterns

There are lots of crochet afghan patterns featuring bees, both free and for sale online. The difficulty of the patterns varies with some featuring flowers and hives and lots of color changes. Some are worked in squares and some are one piece afghans with a center pattern. The patterns using the Tunisian stitch provide a graph and which can be used to work the pattern into the afghan or to cross stitch the pattern over the afghan when it is completed.

Spider Crochet Patterns

Finding spider crochet afghan patterns is a bit more difficult than finding dolphins and bees. There are lots of patterns for spider lace afghans which are very pretty, but it may be easier to find a pattern for a crochet spider ornament and attach it to a finished afghan than to find an afghan pattern featuring spiders. Crocheting spiders into an afghan square is a bit more difficult than crocheting dolphins or bees because their legs can be a challenge. Some crochet square patterns call for crocheting the body of the spider and embroidering the legs on after the square is completed.

Themed crochet afghan patterns like the dolphin, spider and bee are popular and can make great seasonal or holiday decorating statements in a family room or bedroom. They are not good as a first project, but can be managed by most crocheters who have a bit of experience. Spider lace afghans are a pretty accoutrement to a bedroom or parlor furnished with antiques, however they are not very warm. All of these patterns are available at internet websites and many are free.

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