Australian Bandogs

Interested in Australian bandogs? Read our guide for facts & information on this breed of dog native to Queensland…

Even though it is often noted that the Australian bandog’s place of origin is Europe; the fact remains that these dogs are born and bred in Queensland at True Blue Kennel in Charleville. The breed has been popular since ancient times, particularly for big game hunting and as security dogs.

The dogs were frequently used as war security dogs, for the protective instincts, night dogs, catch dogs and hunting dogs. Even though modern bandogs are also primarily bred for hunting and security they have excelled in various fields.

Loyal, protective and dependable, the males of the breed are about 28 inches tall and weigh forty or more kgs while the females are slightly shorter at 26 inches and have an average weight of 35 kgs. The dogs have a short and soft coat. The common colors found in the breed are black, fawn, red, brindle, blonde and mahogany. Many dogs also have white chest and toes with the body being of another color. Normally it is common to see dogs of solid colors in this breed.

The eyes of the dog are usually in accordance with the color of the coat, so a light colored dog will usually have beautiful light eyes but it is not uncommon to see a dark colored dog with enticing amber eyes which stand out against the dark body.

Australian bandogs have a broad head that is more pronounced than the body and a square muzzle; they may /may not have wrinkle on the head but usually have full drop ears. Even though the breed is large it is not overtly big and a normal healthy dog of the breed looks like a light weight working Mastiff. If you want to use these dogs for hunting it is essential to keep them fit and lean. A hunting dog of this breed should show a good tuck and defined muscles.

When training these dogs it is imperative to not push a young pup till it’s mentally and physically up for the challenges. There is no telling when the time will be right because it varies from dog to dog and from trainer to trainer. But overall the breed is high trainable and soft on its owners. They take very well to training and consistency and this is not a breed that works well with the heavy handed or the pamperers. These dogs are short range holders and finders; and while they have a highly developed sense of smell they do not like to hunt too far away from their owners. These dogs are mild mannered, good natured and easy going and they are friendly with other dogs and even cattle, so they are wonderful to have around a farm.

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