Australian Bulldog Care

Buying a pet Australian bulldog? Want to know about the various physical and behavioral traits of Aussie bulldogs? Read our informative and factual guide…

The Australian bulldog commonly known as the Aussie bulldog is a strong, stout, well-muscled ferocious looking creature. It is observed that the females of the breed have a longer body as compared to the compact structure of the males. These dogs have a broad chest and a level top line; the tail may be docked or not but the tail cartridge is straight off the body.

The Aussie bulldogs have a square head that is depictive of their strength with a wide jaw which is also square. The breed is known for its short smooth coat in a variety of colors. As far as the Australian bulldogs used for shows go, there are five shades of brindle; the breed may have a monotone or pied coat in which one color on the body is more prominent than the other. It is also common to see some dogs of the breed with patches on their body.

These dogs make wonderful family pets because they enjoy spending time with their owner and are a loving and fiercely loyal breed. They enjoy playing and get along very well with children. They are also remarkably intelligent which makes them suitable for obedience and show dog training; you don’t necessarily need to put them through an expensive obedience training program; the breed is intelligent enough to be taught at home. The Australian bull dog is well known for its calm temperament, good nature and stability. They are very alert and hence make good guard dogs. However, appropriate training is essential for the breed or they tend to get quite rambunctious.

These dogs have a compact size and grow to a height of 17 to 20 centimeters with a weight of 50 to 78 pounds. The breed is generally healthy and shows no signs of specific breed related disorders. As a matter of fact, breeders have managed to eliminate most of the health concerns associated with the breed through intelligent and well planned mating.

Since Australian bulldogs have a short smooth coat; they are relatively easy to maintain and groom. If you are not too keen on removing dog hair from your upholstery; this may be the right breed for you. Just a brush once a week or fortnight with a bristle brush and a bath are enough to keep these dogs looking good and healthy. Hair shedding is average; however, it is important to wipe their faces with a damp cloth every day so that the facial wrinkles are clean.

Australian bulldogs need a lot of exercise so they are not recommended for small houses. This is an indoor breed so do not leave them out in a kennel up to their own means.

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