Australian Girth

Looking for Australian girth fastener? Learn more about choosing the right Australian girths for well-leveraged riding…

In order to enjoy a pleasurable horse ride it is important to have the right Australian girth fastener. It is a good idea to have a small girth on hand. The leverage provided by the equipment is quite amazing and it is small enough to fit in a pocket or pouch of the saddle. Generally, the length is 2″ x 8″. A horse rider can carry it very easily during their ride. There are special Australian girth pieces which are crafted to work with stock Australian saddles.

How To Use An Australian Girth

The first step is to put the strap of the Australian girth through the buckle and then place a tightener right next to the strap of the billet. The metal post should face away from the horse’s body while the handle must point downwards.

Pull the strap of the girth through the tightener and slide it up to ensure that the top rests at the buckle. The top should only be in contact with either the sweat flap of the saddle for the girth and not the horse’s body. Slide the metal post through the billet hole, but from the underside of the billet strap.

Following this start applying pressure to pull the tightener upwards and slide the buckle tongue through the hole in the billet strap. Continue to slide the tightener up and repeat if required so that you achieve the right leverage. Do not excessively tighten the Australian girth or it may not work.

Good quality Australian girth manufacturers also provide customers with services in their stores. However, once you find a good Australian girth you should buy it because of they run out of stock very quickly. This highly coveted product is available in different designs and styles for saddles and a rider’s comfort.

Different Types of Australian Girths

One of the good quality Australian girths for the Australian saddle is crafted out of pure Australian leather. A superior quality English tanned chestnut colored Australian girth is known as the Pinnacle Overlay Girth. It has triple elastic on one end and comes with a variable size of 38 inches to 52 inches and is finished off with roller buckles.
Another product is the neoprene Australian saddle girth, made for comfort and durability this product has 1/4 inch of neoprene which is finished off with a knit backing. The main aim is to keep the area under the cinch moisturized and wet which ensures that there is no chaffing of the skin. Furthermore there is a full liner inside for the cinch. The 1 1/4 inch brass hardware is fully adjustable. The over girth strap is 2-ply nylon web and the product is available in sizes 30, 33 and 36 inches to accompany different Australian saddles.

For a multipurpose Australian girth the ideal product solution is offered by the outrider girth. Crafted out of hospital-tested fleece, the product ensures that there will be no galling. A superior design and high level of durability and strength is offered by the nylon webbing which is stitched onto the fleece. It is strong enough to be finished off with rugged leather and straps and is available in different sizes.

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