Hell’s Angel Australia

Interested in the Australian Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club? Learn more about the Hell's Angel Australia chapter of this global motorcycle gang...

Hell’s Angel Australia is just one chapter of the outlawed motorcycle gang. It is notorious for involvement in criminal activity, which is always denied by its members. Reputedly involved in organized crime, the syndicate is home to members who are fond of driving motorbikes by Harley-Davidson. The Canadian and US chapters of the motorcycle gang are incorporated under the name of Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Corporation.

Interestingly enough, both the federal and criminal authorities in Canada and US have termed the Hell’s Angels as one of the four largest motorcycle gangs that are perpetually involved in the drug trade, violence, extortion and the trading of stolen goods.

However, these motorcycle enthusiasts dispute those claims of criminal activity and maintain that their objective is to enjoy organized road trips, fundraisers, motorcycle rallies and parties with their own members and friends.

Hell’s Angels Australia

Perhaps the most brutal news report surrounding the Hell’s Angels Australian member dates back to 2007 June. On that  fateful day one of the members of the Hell’s Angels Australia chapter shot a gentleman who was trying to assist one of the gang member’s girlfriends and the six shots fired at passers-by resulted in two more people being injured.

The 2007 Melbourne CBD shootings have angered this Australian city. The motorcycle gang also went on to further tangle with members of another motorcycle club in Australia known as The Comanchero Motorcycle Club.

The Hell’s Angels Australia has a very disreputable and negative public image and recent legislation has outlawed motorbike gang activity. The reason for the negative publicity is primarily because of the continued turf and gang wars that are leading to violence that spills out over to the general public.

Origins of Hell’s Angels Australia

There’s a great deal of mystery when it comes to the actual formation of Hell Angel motorcycle gang. It has been credited to a few individuals, but members are sworn to secrecy.

Therefore much of the information regarding the gang and its activities is known by members only. Members are known to each other with nicknames or first names and nobody uses a surname or ID. Established in the late 1940s in California, the association has gone on to spread globally today.

From countries as separated as the Netherlands, Ireland, Turkey and Australia to Western Hemisphere countries like Canada, Argentina and Brazil, the biker gang club has an international presence and a very negative image.

Hell’s Angels name originates from the squadrons participating in World War I and World War II and some of the fiercest members of the American military. The insignia of the Hell’s Angels is inspired by the 85th Fighter Squadron along with the 552nd Medium Bomber Squadron jacket.

Basically the insignia are printed on patches and replicates the military medals and insignia. The meaning of the patch is known to only the members. The red lettering and white background are the official colors. The number 81 is featured regularly and utilized to denote chapters and positions. In fact, the letters H. and A are numerically denoted by 8 and 1.

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