Australian Labradoodles

Considering an Australian Labradoodle for a pet? Learn more about the importance of breeding stock to continue the future bloodlines of Labradoodles…

When considering the purchase of the Australian Labradoodle it is important to ensure that pure bloodlines have been used as the breeding stock. This will preserve the traits and characteristics that are desired in the future litters of this pedigree.

The Australian Labradoodle is actually an authentic breed of canines endemic to Australia. They have been developed over two decades of preserving and selectively breeding the characteristics of both the Labrador Retriever and the poodle.

Characteristics and Traits

The desirable traits and characteristics in the Australian Labradoodle include good physical health and soundness of mind, the intimate human and dog connection that these pups are famous for, non-shedding coats, which do not create allergies and a perfectly symmetrical conformation that is fully balanced. The balance has resulted in the elimination of various problems assigned to muscular as well as skeletal deformities.

Unethical Practices in Breeding the Australian Labradoodle

Even though the breed known as the Australian Labradoodle is very young it is already suffering from destruction with non-selective breeding. If the bloodlines are not managed selectively and the canine does not retain these characteristics then it is simply a dog that looks like a mixture of two canines. Therefore, it does not retain its exclusivity or specialty.

If this Australian canine cannot reproduce reliably and retain its desired characteristics then the Labradoodle is no different from other dogs and simply looks like a cute and cuddly mixture of two breeds.

The original and coveted bloodline is known as the Rutland Manor bloodline. Since the commercial value of breeding stock is very high a lot of unethical businessmen eliminate the nurturing and care required by these canines.

This Australian canine will become very restricted and selective from 2010 onwards because the original breeding stock of the Rutland Manor will no longer be available from the original breeder and creator of the bloodline.

The stock will be released only to a small selective group from a trusted breeding community to ensure that there is exclusivity and purity maintained in the Australian Labradoodle bloodlines.

Feeding an Australian Labradoodle Puppy

The lifespan and health of an Australian Labradoodle are greatly affected by the diet they are brought up on. There are good suggestions and tips to ensure balanced nutrition and great energy levels for these prized pooches. Since the Australian Labradoodles are not very greedy when it comes to food, you should feed them the quantity that they consume comfortably at each meal.

If you find that the pup or adult dog is always hungry, it basically means that he / she is not fed enough at one meal. Rather than feed calorie dense foods, concentrate on nutritionally balanced and energetic food.

For a puppy that is six months old or younger, feed three meals a day and for those between six to twelve months of age, go down to two feeds per day. After one year of age go with one morning or night time feeding.

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