Antique Porcelain China

Antique Chinese porcelain is an excellent way of collecting beautiful items and at the same time learning about the rich Chinese history and culture. If you are serious about collecting Chinese porcelain, this article can help you in gaining more kno

Chinese porcelain has been trusted and valued by people from all over the world for its white translucent surface. Historical records show that Marco Polo was the first person from Europe to write about Chinese porcelain. Chinese porcelain was first manufactured in China in 4000 B.C. in the Neolithic Period. They used porcelain to create items such as bowls, flower vases, jars and figurines. The shipping of the Chinese porcelain to Europe started in the sixteenth century and by the beginning of the eighteenth century it gained a lot of popularity in the British and the American countries as well. The Han dynasty and the Tang dynasty were instrumental in growth and popularity of Chinese porcelain. Today antique Chinese porcelain is commonly traded and used in almost all the countries and there is a heavy demand for this unique product.

Purchasing Antique Chinese Porcelain?

Antique Chinese porcelain can be purchased through various modes: the experienced collectors often search for estate sales or auctions. One can find extraordinary pieces in such kind of sales, however, people involved in the sales of these items are professionals and carry a great knowledge about the market prices. Therefore most of these items have fixed prices and bargaining is generally not entertained. One can also get in touch with the antiques stores which deal in the trading of items made out of antique Chinese porcelain. Online auction sites like EBay are another good option for purchasing these items. You may choose any outlet to source your favorite Porcelain items but you need to be very careful in choosing and beware of imperfect and fake items.

Difference between Original and Fake

You have to be very observant while buying any kind of items made out of Chinese porcelain. Having knowledge about the ways to distinguish the imperfect and fake items can save you a lot of money and time. You need to do a lot of research and find as much information as you can about the particular type of antique Chinese porcelain that you want to buy. For example, if you want to go for the items made out of the porcelain from the Tang or the Ming dynasty, you should know that the emperors always commissioned the production of porcelain. All the items made out of the porcelain in The Ming Dynasty were marked with their special royal seal and approved, this seal also commonly known as the reign mark can very easily distinguish between the real and the fake. A lot of tricks can be used to make the fake porcelain look like the original ones. People put dirt on the items and put blurry photos on the internet just to sell the fake items. A close observation and detailed knowledge is a must if you want to avoid such fakes.

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