Australian Shepherd Traits

Buying an Australian shepherd and want to know its traits. Own an Aussie shepherd dog and are wondering about its trainability? Read our factual and informative guide…

There is a wide variation in the behavioral traits of shepherd dogs, while some animals have a mild temperament and are quite happy leading the life of a house pet; others are very energetic and simple walks around the park will not cut it for them. They need a lot of physical and mental stimulation otherwise they tend to get bored which may lead to a habit of destruction.

While some dogs will be hyper active and overtly energetic because the breed was engineered for herding; they do need a lot of physical exercise and also mental stimulation to keep them entertained and occupied. The dogs show immense capability when it comes to herding and obedience training. They are extremely agile and can be taken along when biking or jogging and to play ball or Frisbee; these often prove to be constructive channels for their enthusiasm. A bored Australian shepherd may resort to barking and turning into a general nuisance so if you lead a sedentary lifestyle or work from home; this dog may not be appropriate for you.

This breed needs a lot of time and attention and they want their owners to be around them constantly. Their behavior with strangers can range from shyness to aloofness; if you would like your pet to be friendlier, it is essential to introduce early socialization with other dogs and people to avoid timidity or hostility in the future. It is not unusual to find some Australian shepherds with a dominant streak, they will usually be the leaders of their pack and will find it amusing to chase cats around; then there are others who are generally good natured creatures that are amicable with everybody.

If you feel that the traditional shepherd from Australia will be too big for your home; even though it is a midsized dog, you can also get a miniature shepherd which has almost the same physical traits but its just smaller and sometimes needs less exercise than the regular shepherds but they do need the same amount of mental stimulation as their bigger brothers.

Australian shepherds are one of the most intelligent breeds and usually the dogs of this breed excel in competitions and even though most Australian shepherds are easy to train, a lot will depend on your approach to dog training. There are also those who have found training the breed challenging.

The physical attributes of the breed include a lovely coat with striking colors, expressive eyes, medium size and a sturdy body. The breed can do just about anything you train it for because it is exceptionally versatile and intelligent.

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