Buying Investment Property Costa Rica

Interested in buying investment property in Costa Rica? Want to know where the best places to buy investment real estate in Costa Rica are? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Costa Rica is fast becoming the next property hot spot with international property investors eagerly anticipating a big property boom in the country. There are several factors that make Costa Rica such an attractive location for property investment. Firstly, with the slow down in the US economy due to the collapse of the sub prime mortgage lending industry, many US investors who would ordinarily make their money at home are looking abroad for safer markets with bigger potential profits.

Investing in Property Costa Rica

Costa Rica has several qualities that make it a promising place to invest in real estate. The climate and beautiful natural scenery which includes everything from rainforests to volcanoes to beaches ensures that tourism in Costa Rica looks set to remain a prosperous industry for the foreseeable future which drives up demand for property. However, despite it’s popularity as a tourist destination, Costa Rica is still relatively underdeveloped in many regions where property prices are still cheap. These are the best places to invest in cheap property as prices look set to rise in the future.

Costa Rica Property Investment

Aside from potentially very lucrative returns on investment, Costa Rica offers a great degree of safety, protection and peace of mind to foreign investors. This has largely been due to the liberal economic policies put in place by the government of Costa Rica making it a lot easier for foreigners to invest in property inside the country. Costa Rica is considered by many to be the strongest democracy in Central America with an independent judiciary ensuring the rights of investors. Unlike many other countries Costa Rica also allows 100% foreign ownership making it easy for US citizens buying investment property in Costa Rica.

Buying Property Costa Rica

When buying investment property in Costa Rica you should be mindful of a few things. Firstly, there is the question of property registration. Make sure the person you are buying the investment property from in Costa Rica is the undisputed legal owner of the real estate in the first place. The seller of your investment property should be able to produce the title deed as well as the plot map for the piece of real estate you are buying. Hiring the services of a property lawyer in Costa Rica will help greatly as they know exactly what documents need to be produced and can verify authenticity.


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