Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Breeders

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

Looking for an Australian stumpy tail cattle dog breeder? Learn more about the stumpy tail cattle dog breeders in Australia, New South Wales and Queensland…

There are many breeders who are involved in the breeding program and they have been based all over Australia, specifically concentrated on New South Wales.

Breeders of Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog


Australian stumpy tail cattle dog breeders are based all across the country. In Queensland you can find the elite breeder known as Bokospride, which is spearheaded by Kerry Morrison. They are known for breeding champion bloodlines of Australian dogs. And specially work on retaining the breed qualities and bloodlines of the Australian stumpy tail cattle dog.


Roslin Mason of Dustytrax and Yondale owner Bronte Harris are also known for their high-quality bloodlines of the stumpy tail cattle dogs. In South Australia you have the breeders from the breeding house Tangara owned by dog lovers Kate and Graeme Lewis.


Maryheather owned by Dan Murphy and Alkina by breeder Lisa Kennedy Kyneton are two South Australia breeders who are very credible in terms of the bloodlines of their dogs.

Silver Park Stumpies

Silver Park Stumpies offer pure bred canines in Canada and Texas while Steal Heels Kennels owned by breeder Kimmie Matthews is based in Baltimore, Maryland and can ship canines to other states.

Sarah Wilson and Itsozi

Buruma based Sarah Wilson and Itsozi owners Colin and Gail Arkell along with the breeder at Droversmist known as Lynda Aurisch Millthorpe are true canine lovers and look for good homes for their pure breds.

Origin of The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

The Blue and Red Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is considered the first purebred canine developed in Australia. The main reason for its development was to create a working dog that maneuvers cattle very efficiently.

It is a valuable all-rounder and is bred into separate categories, one for conformation shows and another for working dogs. Both breeds are registered separately because their characteristics differ slightly.

When only 50 pups were registered in 1998 the breed was nearing extinction. However, the untiring efforts of The Australian National Kennel Council and their support to breeders have led to a robust revival of the breed’s population.

Breed Information of the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is important for any buyer.  Classified as Group 5 these dogs have a high to moderate working energy level. The original function of the dog was herding, but it is also bred as a show dog now. It has a watchful and alert temperament.

Characteristics Of The Stumpy Tail Dog

The owners classify the canine as affectionate, obedient, and responsive. However, it is very reserved when approached by strangers. The basic characteristics include a natural aptitude in the work environment. It exhibits good control of cattle and uses its innate intelligence with little guidance.

Showing suspicion toward strangers, this dog is always on guard and remains alert. Moving at a brisk pace it is not hyperactive, but very agile.  This canine is highly recommended for working cattle, goats and sheep along with being a pet for people and families with an active lifestyle.

The general lifespan quoted by the breeder is 12 – 15 years. The male grows to a full height of 18 – 20 inches while the female is 2 – 3 inches smaller. The colour of a purebred is a clear speckled or mottled blue with or without the black marking on the head and body.

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