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Incorporating a unique designer lamp into your interior setting can uplift the entire surrounding environment. Kathy Ireland has become a world renowned producer of some of the most exquisite designs for lamps. The company produces a wide variety of lamps that are tailor made to blend in with different themes.

Kathy Ireland Iron Weave Floor Lamp

This particular lamp is more a classic piece of artwork that functions as a lamp. It is part of the Essentials Collection from Kathy Ireland and it carries that intriguing vision with it. The lamp has been given a handsome Madera finish with gentle curves and twists. The lamp stands upon an iron band style base. It features a three way socket and comes with a brilliant matching beige fabric shade. The lamp stands 71” off the ground making it hard to miss amongst all the other furniture.

Kathy Ireland Amor Collection Accent Table Lamp

This bronze table lamp from Kathy Ireland has brown marble orbs with glints of gold lending it some accent. Modeled around European country style the lamp is part of the Essentials Armor collection from the company. The charming table lamp showcases brilliant wood charm and grace. The beautiful lamp post is topped by a distinctive bell shaped shade. The table top lamp measures a total of 29” in height.

Kathy Ireland Tuscan Country Villa Golden Wash Table Lamp

This particular lamp is painted in vibrant colors creating a unique appeal of Tuscan traditions. The lamp has been given a classical trophy shape with the fleur-de-lis detailing further enhancing its appeal. This table top lamp has a Tuscan yellow finish which manifests itself on its base. The lamp is topped by an Empire fabric shade with a gold braid trim. A three way bulb fixture gives you the flexibility to adjust the lighting levels in this table lamp. The table lamp is 33” high.

Kathy Ireland Kensington Garden Table Lamp

Add a touch of stately English style in your home with this handsome table lamp from Kathy Ireland.  The lamp has been given a crackle finish that gives it an old world touch. The hand stretched bell also gives the lamp its unique inviting glow. The lamp features a three way bulb allowing you to adjust the lighting according to your preference.

Kathy Ireland London Avenue Bronze Torchiere Floor Lamp

This particular lamp from Kathy Ireland is truly worth treasuring with its European Country styling. The lamp is particularly suggestive of the London glamour scene of the 1920s. The lamp is not only beautiful in terms of its exterior but has a design that throws the light far off into the distance. When turned on this lamp is surely going to become the center of attraction wherever it is placed. A champagne glass shade tops this brilliant lamp from Kathy Ireland.

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