Briarbrook Australian Shepherd

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The Australian Briarbrook Kennel launched the Briarbrook Australian Shepherd bloodline in 1970. For the past 30 years the kennel has been breeding this exclusive bloodline and established the standards for judging and categorizing Briarbrook Australian Shepherds. The first Australian Briarbrook Shepherd canine to receive many awards was CH Fieldmasters Three Ring Circus. In fact, most of the litter from Briarbrook Kennel can be traced back to this dog.

Sires for The Australian Briarbrook Shepherds

CH Fieldmasters was used as the prime sire for the breed initially. The son of this canine eventually assumed this position. Subsequently this canine was replaced by a son CH Fieldmasters Blue Isle Barnstormer as the leading sire. As a tribute to the quality of the bloodline and the authenticity of the breed the award of Best of Breed was presented in 1983 by ASCA in the National Specialty category.

The pedigree of Briarbrook’s Australian shepherds continues with a litter of this dog called Barnstormer and a full brother known as CH  Briarbrooks Coat of Arms.

Both dogs have been very successful in shows from 1976 to 1987. However, record keeping at ASCA was only initiated after 1988 for the top dogs.

Showing of the Briarbrook Australian Shepherds

For litters bred by Linda Wilson and Kimber Danner Shields there is a constant sequence of awards. Starting in 1989 the first of the recorded awards for these two canines were achieved when CH Briarbrooks Silver Sequence led it to the number 1 status in ASCA while CH Briarbrooks Checkmate took the kennel to a number 2 ranking on a national level.

History repeated itself in 1990 when CH Briarbrooks Silver Sequence led the Briarbrook Kennel ranking to number one 1 status in ASCA . He went on to defeat 2200 canines in this event, which is still a record. Awards were received in 1991 also when the Australian Briarbrook was admitted into the AKC.

Pedigree at the Briarbrook Dog Kennel

A total of 107 ASCA CHs and a total of 22 ASCA CDs were produced by this kennel. A total of 161 best of the breeds awards were taken on by CH Briarbrooks Checkmate during his lifetime. This ranks the Australian Briarbrook Shepherd as the leading dog in most of the categories and its stock has continued to garner best of the breed awards all the way up to 2009.

The breed has been maintained in such a way so that only a few dogs are released to reputable breeders, preserving the best traits. There are too many fake and unethical breeders in the market who destroy the canines, which do not have the desired traits of Briarbrook’s Australian Shepherd. In order to prevent this mutilation and destruction of canines, as of 2010 all the orders for breeding of the Briarbrook’s Australian shepherds will be met in full. Following these only reputable and close associates will be given the breed dog to create a new litter in an ethical manner.

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