Buy Dog Show Collars Australia

Want to buy a dog show collar? Read our guide for facts and info on buying dog show collars in Australia…

If you are looking for absolutely the best in Australian dog show collars then opting for world-class competition brands is the best course. Brands like Mendota offer the choice to get the best value for money. Ideal for dogs that are part of important show events and competitions as well as a good gift for your pampered dog, the Australian show collars for dogs are a perfect item for any breed.

Handcrafted in the US, the high-quality Mendota products are popular across the world and especially in Australia. One of the most popular brands is the British style slip lead, which can be placed on top of the collar and functions as the leash.    It is a combination of a collar and leash in one piece and allows the trainer to correct and train the dog during walks and exercises.

Dog Show Collar Configuration

This high-quality product is crafted out of ultraviolet coated polypropylene rope. It is waterproof and extremely strong with a half an inch of solid braid in multi-filament structure. It feels very luxurious and glides comfortably on the hand making it very easy to use without chaffing the skin of the trainer or dog owner.

Available in bright colours like purple, brown, blue, pink and black as well as orange and Hunter Green, it is possible to choose a colour that matches the coat and personality of the dog.

Metallic Australian Show Dog Collars and Leash

Another soft and flexible diamond braid that is accompanied with an adjustable slide and finished off with the “Alta Qualitas” logo is very popular as the equipment for the show dogs. The pewter colored collection has hues of silver and gold metallic looks, making it a very regal part of the Australian show dog collar collection.

Slip Collars and Braided Collars

For coordinated style and comfort the best collars to opt for are slip collars and different collars that are braided. They are considered the ultimate Australian show dog collars and are commonly utilized for sharply dressed dogs. These are equally good when combined with a stylish leash to complete the collection and equipment for the show dogs.

Double Braided Show Dog Collar

Another fancy option is the double braided collar. It is a very durable product, which is extremely soft on the hands and neck of the dog.

Made with a colorfast material it is extremely durable and thick enough to provide the right strength and durability. It is finished off with good quality and rustproof brass hardware, which forms the buckle and adjustable strap.

It can be adjusted to different neck sizes and is very comfortable making it a bestseller when it comes to Australian show dog collars. The low is printed in tanned leather to make it look very snappy and fancy especially during the competition and showing.

The product can be purchased in three sizes in bright colours like blue and pink as well as Hunter Green and red along with orange and black.

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