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When searching for stories and articles on Russell City, California, you find that the city that burnt down in 1964 has been revived. It has been given a new lease on life in a corporate and musical environment.

Even though the city was completely destroyed because of its low-quality housing, its history remains etched in the minds of music lovers. Also, corporations see the place as the perfect opportunity to strengthen the Bay Area under the wings of a corporate powerhouse.

As of 2001 the energy center for a 600 MW plant has been commissioned for construction in Russell City. The competitive bidding process resulted in Calpine winning the bid to construct this power plant. The aim is to construct clean and local energy that would reinforce Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s provision of electricity and power reliability to the Bay Area region. There are many articles touting the fact that this is a very unprecedented investment by Calpine in the region. However, it has the infrastructure for providing a clean, new and fuel-efficient power plant. It would become the first company to actually construct a major power plant in California since no one else has done this in more than a decade.

Accomplishments Mentioned in Articles on Russell City California

The first base load generation was constructed in San Francisco Bay Area more than thirty years ago. Considering the accomplishment of the company, it is unmatched by any other energy provider in this industry and has more than 4000 MW of new capacity than already provided by the company to California. The articles reflect very forward-looking statements and the financial performance of the company are based on their outlook.

However, forward-looking statements are not guarantees of good performance, and there are many uncertainties and risks. In order to invest in shares, the stockbrokers advise a very thorough due diligence on part of the investor. Even though the company has its plan outlaid in a very clear manner, there could be many issues over all and production is due to start in 2010.

Music Scenes Revived and Reviewed In Articles On Russell City California

There is an entire West Coast Delta blues music scene that is credited to have originated in Russell City. There is an annual blues music festival that pays homage to the artists who perfected their skill in the city. There were many poor people living along the railroad tracks that had migrated from the Deep South. They brought in the Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi music blues flavor to the region.

There was also the local music flavor, which was a traditional legacy to the area. This resulted in the Delta blues amalgamating in the local scene and then creating the West Coast blues. There are many documentaries on Russell City as a musical center for originating the Delta blues. In fact, the festival organized each year by the Bay Area Blues Society pays homage to the music created by those who had the luxury of focusing on their artistic talent in the shantytown.

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