Jack Woolsey Australian Cattle Dogs

Looking for information about the Jack Woolsey’s Australian cattle dogs? Read our guide for facts and information…

The story of Australian cattle dogs in the USA begins with Jack Woolsey, a veterinarian from Santa Rosa California, who was introduced to Lougher’s dogs. He started a breeding program of these dogs with his associates; they called these dogs the Queensland Heelers and advertised their superior working skills. Several purebred Australian Cattle dogs were also bought by Woolsey to add to his breeding program. Some of the breeds that he used were Glen Iris, Oklea Blue Ace and Glen Iris Boomerang.

The Australian Cattle dog, as the name suggests, is a breed of herding dogs. The breed was developed in Australia to drive the cattle over long distances and across the rough Australian terrain. Today, the dog is a coveted family member in many homes and is as hardworking as it was in its cattle rearing days. The Australian cattle dogs are intelligent and courageous; they are also very athletic which makes them a sheer joy to own. The breed makes a playful family pet and a wonderful companion.

The physical attributes of the Australian cattle dog include two characteristic colors of black or brown. The dog has a short coat and is of medium size. The black or brown hairs are distributed evenly through a base coat of white which makes them appear blue or red and hence the nickname Blue Heelers and Red Heelers.

The name Queensland Heelers is now applied to any breed of Australian cattle dog; however, it was originally a term used to distinguish dogs bred in Queensland Australia from those that were bred in New South Wales. The Australian cattle dogs are a working breed of dogs so they are all little bundles of energy. They are also very intelligent and have an independent streak. The wonderful thing about petting an Australian Cattle dog is that they are very responsive to structured training. The dogs are not aggressive by nature; however they can get fiercely protective of their owners and belongings. The dogs have a short coat so they are very easy to maintain and groom.

Some of the common health concerns observed in this breed are progressive blindness and deafness; both ailments are hereditary in nature. Apart from these maladies and the possibility of accidental injury, the Australian cattle dogs are a robust breed that has a life span of twelve to fourteen years.

Australian cattle dogs are often take part in dog competitions such as agility, herding and obedience competitions. These dogs are commonly seen participating in other events with their owners such as flying disk, hiking and endurance events.

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