Orthopedic Surgeons Melbourne Australia

Need a professional orthopedic surgeon in Melbourne Australia? Learn more about the reputable Melbourne Australian orthopedic surgeons and a variety of high-quality surgical procedures offered by them…

The orthopedic surgeons in Melbourne Australia are highly professional and cater to a variety of requirements. From servicing senior citizens who suffer from fractures to sports injury victims, orthopedic surgeons help their patients recover and rehabilitate through using advanced surgical procedures. The Melbourne Australia orthopedic surgeons are also known for their finesse.

Some of the amazing procedures carried out by these orthopedic surgeons include the total hip replacement and hip resurfacing. In the total hip replacement procedure a part of or the entire hip joint is replaced with a prosthetic device in order to remove the pain and restore the movement of the joint.

Orthopedic Surgeons in Melbourne Australia

One of the highly esteemed orthopedic surgeons in Melbourne Australia is Dr. Andrew Shimmin. Trained in Australia and other countries across the world the graduate of Monash University Medical School 1985, acquired his early post graduate training at the Prince Henry and Alfred Hospital in Australia.

Trained under the Australian Orthopedic Association’s orthopedic training program from 1991 to 1994, the surgeon gained international credibility and exposure through his practice in Europe, England and U.S.A. His private practice was established in 1996 and the renowned surgeon is also a member of the Melbourne Orthopedic Group.

In fact, the reputable orthopedic surgeon is a director at their research foundation. Specializing in surgical replacement of the knee and hip, the doctor manages all the problems related to these two specific parts of the human body, which may arise due to a sports injury or chronic arthritis.

His expertise focuses on hip resurfacing surgery and the surgeon is credited with the establishment of the International Hip Resurfacing Society and is a permanent member of the IRHS. As a member of international design teams for constant innovation of the next generation prosthetic devices for the hip and knee, the surgeon has wide exposure.

The doctor is also consistently involved in researching cartilage regeneration, hip resurfacing technology and stem cell research and therapies, which may be beneficial for treating arthritis of the knee.

Dr. Greg is another local Melbourne-based surgeon who had completed his degree and training at the Monash University. With a keen interest in sports medicine the surgeon has been involved with the esteemed National Cricket team and the Prahran Football Club for a long time.

The esteemed surgeon went on to complete the Melbourne Orthopedic training program by 1991 and therefore is therefore dual qualified from the Australian College of Sports Physicians and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons.

After the orthopedic training was over, he took the required post-graduate training for two and a half years in Australia and overseas hospitals. In fact, he acquired a lot experience during fellowships with different organizations like Sports Med SA in Adelaide, Wrightington U.K. , Nuffield Orthopedic Centre in Oxford U.K. and Ian Henderson in Melbourne. He traveled for six months as a traveling fellow and practiced in Germany and the United States.

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