Wet N Wild Australia

Want to learn more about the Wet ’n’ Wild Water World in Australia? Read on for interesting facts and info on Australia’s Wet n Wild Water World theme park…

Wet’n’Wild Water World is regarded as being one of the best theme parks in the world and definitely the top rated one in Australia. The park is comprised of a variety of different water slides, rides and leisure pools along with twenty acres of shaded subtropical garden. Visitors to the Wet n Wild them park will have the opportunity to laze in the shallow wave pools or enjoy an adrenaline rush by going down a seven story high coaster into the water.

In order to ensure that visitors to the theme park have a pleasurable stay free from any danger the owners have issued some guidelines that visitors must follow. These guidelines include the prohibition of any sharp knives, glassware and other implements on the facility. Visitors are not allowed to bring any commercially prepared food into the park and the consumption of alcohol is also prohibited within the park’s limits. Furthermore smoking is only allowed in specific designated areas, whereas the rest of the theme park is to remain smoke free. For the sake of safety visitors are advised not to wear eye frames on any of the water slides.

In special cases where a visitor does not comply with the rules and regulations of a particular ride they will not be allowed to sit on it. Examples include guests that have a plaster casts and their movement is restricted. In such cases one should consult the lifeguards present alongside the particular ride one wishes to try.

One of the things that guests should be aware of is not to ask the lifeguards to baby sit their children. Of course they will help to keep watch over your children, but that’s about it. Some of the specific guidelines issued for children include keeping all children under 5 under constant observation. Children aged between 6-10 should always be within visual contact. However they should be accompanied personally if and when you intend to go to the Giant Wave Pool. For children aged above 10 make sure you keep checking up on them every now and then as they explore the park on their own.

If you are going to be making your way to the Wet n Wild theme park make sure you check their Attractions Maintenance schedule for determining the closure of attractions for maintenance purposes. You wouldn’t want to come to the Water World for a specific ride only to find out that it has been closed for scheduled maintenance.
Some of the most fascinating attractions at the theme park include the Tornado. It is an enormous water slide that promises an amazing adrenaline rush. The slide features different levels starting from the 15-meter platform and also features a 40-meter long tunnel. It opens out into the middle of a storm where guests will be spun in a funnel in splashing and swirling water. Other prominent rides include the Surf Rider and the Kamikaze.

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