Austria Vase

Looking for an antique Austrian vase? Read on to find out about the history of vases from Austria.

The Austrians are regarded as being the pioneers in all sorts of interior decoration accessories. The history of designing for Austria dates back to the Bronze Age and has progressed and evolved through out the changing times. Today the Austrians are regarded as great craftsmen producing top quality decoration items for the world wide public.

Amongst the many great things that the Austrians are known to produce are vases. The Austrian vase is highly regarded for its artistic brilliance. Basically a vase is an open container that is most commonly used to hold cut flowers. The Austrian vase however looks just as good by itself. It is considered to be a classic piece of art which is taken as a decorative item by itself.

The Austrians make these vases out of a number of different materials. The most commonly used materials in the process of building vases are ceramics and glass in Austria. Vases made out of both these materials are much sought after by the world wide public. Today they are easily available through the internet and many interior decoration retail outlets are bound to have Austrian vases in stock.

Austria has a long history with ceramics. The country produces a wide range of porcelain products that are distributed all over the world. The vase is amongst the top notch porcelain products of the country. In terms of ceramic quality, the glaze and the shine of Austrian vases are second to none. In fact they have become the benchmark of quality in Europe.

The art work on the vases

More than the quality of the Austrian vases it is the art work on the exterior of these vases that serves as a bigger attraction. You will find all sorts of highly decorated vases from Austria. In fact some people criticize Austrian vases for being too heavily decorated. So if you are looking for something relatively simple you will really have to look through the collection of Austrian vases.

The influences on the artwork of the vases seem to stem from different inspirations. This depends on the particular era to which the vase belongs. Before we move on to describing the art work on the vases we must understand the kind of vases that are available in the market today. Some of the vases are actually antique pieces that have been maintained over the years. Others are newly made replicas of classic Austrian vases.

The art work on some of the oldest antique Austrian vases seems to have influences of the renaissance periods. The vases from a little later on have obvious influences of the Romanticism period. The Art Nouveau movement also left its trails on the design patterns of these vases as one can see motifs of peacocks, snakes, dragons and other mythical characters.

Austrian vases developed as an art medium in their own right. They were used to depict scenes and stories and expressions. Even today Austrian vases are regarded as classic pieces of art that are much sought after by the collectors on world wide scale.

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