Antique Decanters made in Austria

Decanters played an important role in the good old days of Austria. Find out why these stylish Austrian antique decanters are taken as decorative elements in today’s times.

When it comes to the arts there are few countries that can compare with the rich art legacy of Austria. The arts and crafts from Austria are not restricted to any particular form rather they are as diverse as is man’s imagination. There is one class of artists that deals with fine arts and architecture. Then there is another class of artisans that labor to produce amazing arts and crafts items used for the purpose of decoration.

These artisans are no lesser artists. In fact they have given the culture of Austria its identity by producing items such as the decanters. Antique decanters made in Austria are extremely valued in our times. As it is Austria is known to be the producer of some of the most amazing arts and crafts items. The old school stylish decanters are a true reflection of the sense of aesthetics that the Austrian artisans possessed.

It is rare to find antique decanters for sale in today’s times. Only once in a blue moon will you be able to find a genuine Austrian made antique decanter up for grabs. The only possible owner of such an item could be an old time collector or someone to whom the antique decanter has been handed down through the generations.

Once the world got a glimpse of the Austrian antique decanters the demand for such items increased. People continued to look for places where they could find such antique decanters. To cater to this growing demand in the market many new companies started producing antique style decanters that the public could easily get their hands on.

Although they are not of the same value that an actual antique decanter would be of they still look just as good. Hence if you are looking for an antique decanter to decorate the interior of your homes you can easily go with the newly made antique style decanters.

Then and now

The antique decanters of Austria belong to the Art Nouveau period. People seldom use them for the purpose for which they were intended. The main use of these decanters is as decorative elements to give your interior a touch of class. The Austrian decanters belong to the period of the early 20th century and are classified as antique and vintage items.

Today you will be able to find variety of those newly made old school decanters. The WMF Wine decanter is a special model from 1905. These decanters were generally created with hand blown glass and were highly decorated. The antique decanters had a tall upright shape and were made of glass and lead crystal.

There was a whole science behind the development of the decanters. Today however decanters are looked upon as a fashion statement. Hence if you want to add something different to the interior decoration of your house an antique wine decanter from Austria can do wonders for your interior.

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