National animals of Austria

Interested in knowing about the wildlife in Austria? Find out as we take a look at the different kinds of animals found in the country.
Animals of Austria

The country of Austria is truly gifted. It has been the breeding ground for some of the world’s best artists, musicians and architects along with politicians and diplomats. Apart from the talented people of Austria the country is also rich with the gifts of nature.

An overwhelming portion of the country is surrounded with mountains. These mountains form the backdrop for the entire country and are heavily snow massed in the winters. At the foot hills of these mountains are crystalline lakes that offer a serene pleasure to the visitors. Also interesting is the variety of wild life in Austria.

The kind of wild life found in Austria is relative to the environment. Since the climate of the country is known to be quite extreme only the animals that can sustain such intense climatic conditions can survive in the country. Many of the animals found in Austria are hunted for sport and food. The fact that there is an overwhelming quantity of these animals in Austria does not make hunting them an illegal activity by Austrian law. There are however certain animals that you are not allowed to hunt.

The animal variety in Austria

The animal that you are most likely to see in the country is deer. There is no single kind of deer that you will get to see in Austria rather each region has its own particular breed of deer. One particularly popular variety of deer is the red deer stag. This humble creature is one of those animals that is open for hunting during the first month of the year. The fallow deer stag is yet another variety found in the hilly terrains of Austria.

Chamois is a commonly found animal in the mountainous regions of Austria. The mouflan ram known for its stubborn character is an animal that can easily climb the toughest of rock climbing challenges. It is known for its resilience to extreme winters and its ability to scale the mountains. Once on top the mouflan ram stands in a dominating posture as if to claim his victory over the mountain.

The good old roe deer buck is also a trade mark animal of Austria. The deer variety is one that is much loved by the local residents as well as foreigners. Austria has its fair share of notorious animals as well. The infamous wild boar is by far the most appalling of those creatures. The wild boar is frequently hunted for sport during the winter season.

The migrating ibex is found in abundant quantity in the country of Austria. Known as a peaceful animal the ibex have plenty of green grass to graze upon. Amongst the most beautiful animals of the country is the Lippizaner. This is a beautiful variety of horse and it is named so because of its color. This particular breed of horse is pure shining spotless white. It is almost as if it is a horse out of a fairy tale. The animal gets its name from the place of its origin which is Lippiza.

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