Austrian Artists

Austria has a rich historical art heritage. Read on to find out about the artists that painted the history of Austria.

Austria is home to many heroes. The national heroes of Austria are not just limited to their years of war or sports rather the country is home to some of the worlds most creative characters. The history of Austrian art dates back to many centuries. Over the years the region has produced many great artists and architects whose works have contributed to giving the nation of Austria its color and vibrancy. Each one of them has contributed to the formation of the rich art heritage that is a prominent part of the Austrian culture.

The artists that give Austria its color

Austria is home to many wonderful artists. The historical art heritage of the country is not just limited to the canvas. Although the country has produced some of the world’s most well renowned painters the diversity that you will be able to find in the different kinds of art and artists is almost as much as the diversity within the Austrian cuisine. The 18th century painter Josef Abel is a classic example of the fine quality artists that the country has produced over the years. He is probably one of the oldest artists remembered for his work during the time period from 1768 to 1818.

Amongst the other painters that existed and practiced round about the time of Josef Abel is Rudolf von Alt. This painter had a long and colorful life that lasted from 1812 to 1905 during which he left behind a collection of some of the most amazing paintings that Austria has to boast. Friedrich von Amerling is yet another famous Austrian artist from the time. There were a number of artists from Austria who were the fore runners in the revolutionary expressionist movement that took the world by storm. Alfons Anders was amongst the pioneers of the expressionist movements who was not only known for his lively paintings but was an amazing sculptor as well.

There are certain artists who are remembered for a particular specialty that they possessed. Heinrich Von Angeli is one such artist who earned recognition for his portrait paintings. Christian Attersee on the other hand was well renowned for his pop art work. Yet another artist known for his special skills of graphic designing is Josef Maria. Amongst the oldest and most well renowned artists from Austria is the architect Raimun Abraham. Another artist made who his mark on the world of art with his amazing abilities of botanical illustration; Ferdinand Bauer is remembered as one of a kind when it comes to capturing the plant life on paper.

There are some Austrian artists who were known as amazing all-rounder artists with high quality work in a number of different mediums. Take for example Herbert Bayer who is known for his excellent graphic designing and typography along with which he was an amazing photographer, painter and a renowned architect as well. Then you have the odd ones like the famous dancer Fanny Elssler, the media artist Valie Export and Hans Makart who was a designer and a decorator.

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