Native American Art Prints

Interested in buying Native American art prints? Read on to find out about the impressive variety there is at bay…

The rich cultural heritage of Native Americans manifests itself in many different mediums in today’s times. Interested individuals can get a taste of their culture through Native American art prints that are widely available in the market today.

Some popular Native American art prints being marketed today are as follows:

Remembered Ancients

This is a spectacular fine arts print developed by Tony Abey. It features a warm design with heat radiating out of the specially selected sun soaked colors used by the artist. The Navajo artist has attempted to catch the importance of higher power in the painting. The Native American art print is a fine monument of experimental techniques and mediums as the artist makes use of charcoal, oil and sand together on the canvas. Similarly he has used a fine selection of bold colors including reds, turquoises and purples to catch the essence of the Native American spirit.

Quatie’s Blanket

This is a rather emotional piece of art by one of the contemporary Native American artists. It has been painted in commemoration of the long struggle of the Cherokee nation when they were forced to migrate from their homeland. This was a time when the Natives went through severe hardships. Quatie was actually the name of the wife of the chief who led the last detachment. During the journey she gave her blanket away to a child who needed it more. This painting captures the spirit of sacrifice which is characteristic of the Native Americans.

White Buffalo Woman

This particular painting is based on an ancient tradition prevalent amongst the Lakota people. There is a prophecy associated with a white buffalo calf. The legend behind the story tells us that there were two warriors hunting a buffalo when they saw a white buffalo calf approaching them. As it drew nearer it transformed into a beautiful Indian girl. The legend goes on to tell us that the White Buffalo Woman actually taught the Indians seven sacred ritual ceremonies. The Native American art print has been made to keep this unique legendary story alive amongst the masses.


This is yet another fine print by the artist known as Carol Grigg. The art piece takes its inspiration from various elements of nature and the primitive art of the Native Americans. The print draws particular attention to the Native heritage of the Southwest region. The artist has used eloquent ethereal water color washes to bring the painting to life. An uncluttered image of Native Americans with horses and other animals can be seen composed on the canvas. However there is plenty of white space surrounding the figures in the painting. In some ways this print is reminiscent of the cave art produced by Native Americans back in history. Through the art work, Grigg has attempted to bring to light the connection between man and nature as experienced through the Native Americans.

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