Austrian Crystal Jewelry

The Austrians are experts at incorporating crystal into jewelry. Find out how the amazing Austrian artisans managed to initiate a crystal jewelry revolution that has captured the imagination of the world.

Austria is responsible for instigating the crystal jewelry revolution in the world. The manufacturing of crystal jewelry began in Austria a long time ago with the inception of the Swarovski Company. The company started off producing some of the most amazing pieces of crystal jewelry and has only evolved towards betterment since then. Today Austria is regarded as the leader in producing exquisitely crafted crystal jewelry that shimmers and glimmers to bewilder the observer. Crystal jewelry has become a fashion statement in its own right and it is something quite unlike other kinds of jewelry.

The crystal artisans of Austria

The sheer variety and diversity that you will be able to find in Austrian crystal jewelry is overwhelming. As it is the region of Austria is known to be the birth place of some of the world’s most well renowned artists. The crystal artisans of Austria are in a league of their own. They work the crystal into amazing cuts and compositions producing some of the most amazing pieces of jewelry. The craftsmanship of these individuals is further complimented by the high end technology that the company provides them. The result is an amazing collection of crystal jewelry.

The crystals

The crystals used in the manufacturing of this kind of jewelry are no ordinary crystals. Rather they are specially configured so as to have the most appealing properties for the purpose. The crystals used for the jewelry have a 32% lead content which gives them the ability to capture each beam of light and then reflect the color in a playful manner. Further these crystals are coated with a special chemical that make it possible for the manufacturers to develop all sorts of different colors. Hence if you were thinking crystal jewelry was all about the white see through crystals then you are bound to be awe struck when you see what is really in store.

Crystal jewelry is available in a whole array of new and exciting colors that are bound to capture your imagination. Each colored crystal captures and reflects the light in its own color which generates an amazing feel. The intensity of the colored crystals varies according to the chemical coating that is applied on them. Some crystals are only coated from one side whereas others may have a double all around coating to give them a more pronounced color.

The diversity in the colors is equally matched by the diversity of design. This means that you are sure to find something that will appeal to your personality. The different crystal jewelry items have distinct radiant personalities such as a crystal ring that symbolizes self confidence and boldness and at the same time it is equally elegant and graceful. Crystal jewelry is hard to miss and hence becomes a very bold fashion statement. From pendants to bracelets and earrings you have a wide variety of jewelry items to choose from.

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