Things to Do in Gumbet Turkey

Looking for Things to do in Gumbet Turkey? Read ahead to discover exciting holiday activities and things to do in Gumbet Turkey…

There are many exciting holiday activities based on the Gumbet beach in Turkey. You can spend all day lazing around at the beach and catching some sunrays or go for shopping during the day. The beach is located in a very convenient position, so that you can go out for different tours all over the Bodrum Peninsula.

The beach make a perfect holiday resort which can be enjoyed by young and old family members to the maximum. When looking for things to do in Gumbet Turkey you’ll be amazed at the wide variety of water sports available at the 600 m long beachfront.

This is quite possibly one of the largest beachfront on the peninsula where you can enjoy many activities on its man-made strands. Some of the exciting things to do in Gumbet Turkey include fly-fishing, enjoying banana boat rides, windsurfing or jet skiing.

Water lovers can enjoy exciting hours of water skiing and parasailing along with taking rides on the pedalo’s. If you’re an enthusiastic scuba diver then this is just the place to enjoy a beautiful variety of marine life during your dive. The resort town has a number of restaurants and shops as well.

An enjoyable practice of the restaurants in the resort is delivering food to you while you lounge around on the beach. The entire beach is equipped with hammocks and sun beds which you can utilize for free for the entire day.

The Castle of St. Peter in Gumbet Turkey

When looking for things to do in Gumbet Turkey, you can visit a beautiful castle which was constructed by the Knights Hospitaller in the year 1402 as the Castle of St. Peter. It was, in fact, reconstructed during the medieval age by the Knights of St. John because it was damaged by an earthquake before that time.

A very strong wall was constructed facing towards the land to furnish a strong defense. This has now been reconstructed into a museum of underwater archaeology. The knights protected the castle from the Ottomans as well as seven other countries from invading and destroying it, however it was finally taken over and partially destroyed in the year 1960.

After this it was converted to house the collection of shipwrecks and paid homage to the underwater collection as it was transformed into a museum. There is a wide variety of historical ships as well as the different salvaged items to be found in the ocean waters near the shipwreck.

You can see items like gold and copper as well as glassware which must’ve been part of the ship’s cargo and equipment but were shipwrecked and found in the ocean waters.The castle top gives you beautiful views of the entire Bodrum harbor.

Another amazing place to visit is Pamukkale. This is a settlement which is very popular for its hot water springs which have curative and restorative powers.
You can find warm water which has cut through the rocks to create different terraces and experince a temperature of 102°F with high quantities of calcium bicarbonate. The different colored limestone deposits are shaped into terraces with pools of water.

The fascinating stalactite formations which hang from the top have led to its name which translates into cotton castle. It is believed that the terraces had started forming around 14,000 years ago based on the flow of water that is seen from this site.

For children and adults there are exciting things to do in Gumbet Turkey because there are two wonderful aqua parks close by. With lots of slides and a half pipe attraction you can enjoy the lazy river and wave pool among the other attractions in these two water parks. You can travel back and forth on the free bus that runs between the beach and the park.

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