Native American Silver Jewelry

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Silver has been a popular building material used for the purpose of creating jewelry amongst the Native Americans. This was truly the item of choice because jewelry in those times was a means of storing money. With the advent of the colonists the Native Americans incorporated new techniques of silver etching and molding to develop their silver jewelry.

Some interesting varieties of Native American silver jewelry are given below.

Old Style Silver Dime Squash Blossom by James McCabe

Navajo artist James McCabe has taken great pains to develop this old style squash bloom. The jewelry piece was made using old silver dimes and an old silver dollar. A 1921silver dollar is made to sit in between the Naja. The necklace also features sterling silver beads that have been separated using sleeping beauty turquoise. The blue-green turquoise measures 4 ¼” L x 3”W. The squash can be adjusted from 34” to 36”. You can get your hands on this Native American Silver jewelry item for a little over a grand.

7 Piece Contemporary Sterling Silver Necklace and Clip-on Earring Set

This is a very unusual piece of jewelry that only the bold will be able to carry off. It features 7 pieces along with clip on earrings. The Navajo style necklace has been meticulously hand crafted and features hand stamp work as well. The necklace measures a maximum length of 16”. Although unique, you can get your hands on this special piece for about 200 dollars.

9 Piece Contemporary Sterling Silver Necklace

This is yet another unorthodox piece of jewelry based upon the Navajo traditions. The designer has taken ancient concepts and fused them with contemporary design to produce jewelry that has a great appeal on the modern masses. The fact that the silver is kept totally smooth with no designs gives it a sleek modern look. Each piece of sterling silver is separated by a sterling silver ball. The necklace is 16” long and is being sold in the market for round about the four hundred dollar mark.

Sterling Silver Kokopelli Pendant

This is a special piece of traditional Native American jewelry. The Kokopelli pendant, as it is known is made using top quality sterling silver. It has been handmade by a renowned Navajo artist. The beautiful Kokopelli pendant measures 1-1/2” L x 1” W. You will also be getting a black leather necklace to wear the pendant with in the set. This impressive sterling silver pendant is available for thirty dollars only.

Graduated Bead Sterling Silver Necklace

This is a spectacular 24” graduated bead necklace that is strung on a sterling silver chain. It bears the sunburst hallmark and belongs to the Zuni tribal traditions. Although simple in terms of its construction the necklace captures the essence of the Native American Feel thereby giving it that mystique for which their jewelry is famous.

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