Austrian Mountains

The Austrian mountains are the most magnificent aspect of the country’s landscape. Find out about life on the mountains of Austria and what they have to offer people.

The Austrian mountains have always attracted a large number of nature lovers along with sports enthusiasts. The wondrous mountains that stand in the country are the ideal backdrop for a number of activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, hiking, rafting and kayaking. With the abundance of snow massed mountains ranges it comes as no surprise that the national sport of the country is none other than skiing. Vorarlberg, Tirol and Salzburg are considered to be the best ski resorts in the country.

The nature of the mountains

The mighty mountains have also been the dwelling place for people for over a thousand years. From Vorarlberg’s Ratikon which lies in the West to the Gutenstein Alps in the East the region is known to have provided living space for many generations. Although the Austrian mountains are a big attraction for hikers not all mountains are such that they can be hiked upon. It is only the moderately glaciated mountains like the Verwall group, the Hohe Tauern and the Zillertal that welcome the mountain climbers.

The Austrian Alps have a number of valleys which have come about as a result of the many rivers that pass through them. But naturally these areas have served as trade routes and even places where people have settled down. The River Inn and Tirol’s capital are amongst the most beautiful places on the Austrian mountains. The two river valleys are actually the connecting point between South Germany and Switzerland and eventually Italy through Brenner Pass. The Austrians have also made use of the abundant flow of water to generate electricity. Furthermore hidden between the Alps are charming lakes that offer a perfect getaway for tourists.

Exploring the Austrian mountains

If you are looking to explore the Austrian mountains then there is no better alternative than hiking and climbing. This activity lets you become part of the natural grand structures as you walk along the many beautiful tracks. The tracks will lead you through forests rich with oaks, firs, copper beech, larches and pines. You will also get to see plenty of floras while you trek through the Austrian mountains. The alpenrose, gentian, rare edelweiss and saxifrage are amongst the most abundant flowers in the mountainous regions. The Austrian mountains also have some typical mountain wildlife such as the ibex, wild goat, ptarmigan and the Alpine chough.

The Austrian mountains are covered with wide expanses of lush green pastures. These pastures provide the sustenance for the wild life that grazes on the mountains as well as open fields for hikers to relax and recoup. There are many mountain huts dotted across the mountain ranges which offer the hikers beds and food. In the summer season you will also get to see the annual cattle drive which is not a sight to be missed. The Austrian mountain ranges have their own traditions and celebrations which serve as a great tourist attraction as well.

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