BMW Manufacturing Plant Steyr Austria

Did you know that the bulk of the BMW engines are produced in Austria? Find out about the BMW manufacturing plant in Steyr and the contribution that it makes to BMW’s all around the world.

Steyr is one of the most important regions in Austria. Situated in Upper Austria the town is of immense economic importance. The region with a long and winding history has a number of important industrial plants situated throughout the land.

The BMW manufacturing plant is one amongst the many production houses that have raised the importance of Steyr. What makes the BMW manufacturing plant different from the other manufacturing plants like Stery Tractor and Steyr Automobile is that this is of foreign origin.

The BMW brand is regarded as the top of the line sports premium luxury car producing company in the world. It is known for its sleek designs that are unique and can be identified from a distance. The great looks of the BMW cars are equally matched by the powerful performance and advanced features that their cars tend to have. The complete package from BMW is a well balanced automobile that has style as well as sophistication.

BMW was once restricted to its town of origin. Today it enjoys production centers in significant countries all around the world. The drive to popularize the BMW production plants began in 1979. It is this drive that led to the opening up of BMW’s Engine Plant in the town of Steyr. In fact it is regarded as an elementary part of the company’s world wide production network.

BMW Steyr

The particular manufacturing plant at Steyr is of immense importance. It is by far the largest plant within the whole Group which is quite an honor for the Austrians. Furthermore the entire stock of BMW’s diesel engines is developed at the BMW manufacturing plant in Steyr. It is considered as the competence center with the responsibility to develop the diesel engines.

The foundations for the BMW plant in Steyr were laid down in 1979. It was not until 1982 that the plant began production. Much to the amazement of most of the people who find out about the BMW manufacturing plant in Steyr more than half the entire lot of BMW engines are built in Steyr. This is what makes the plant an elementary part of BMW’s network.

The particular plant at Steyr is into producing both four cylinder and six cylinder diesel engines along with which it specializes in producing six cylinder petrol power units. These are then shipped to the BMW group of car producers situated all over the world.

The BMW production plant in Steyr is one that is renowned for producing high quality engines. Over the course of time that it has been in producing the power units it has won many prizes and has been lauded on an international level. In fact many experts world wide regard the power plant in Steyr to be the benchmark when it comes to advanced engine technology. It is the BMW manufacturing plant in Steyr that is responsible for the pleasure drives of the various Beamers around the world.

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