Brazilian Hair Perm

Brazilian hair perm is a Keratin-based treatment that forms a film of Keratin on the hair surface to make the hair strong and smooth. Read our guide for more facts and information…

The word ‘perm’ is the short form of the term ‘permanent wave’ and it refers to the process of modifying the natural style of the hair to impart curls or waves, but today it also applies to straightening of hair. Archaic hair perming methods were first used by Greek women a few centuries ago. The fashion of the 80s comprised long bouncy curls, but now the trend has moved to looser curls. Unlike hot rollers that curl the hair for about a day, perming is a chemical treatment that lasts for up to eight weeks. The Brazilian hair perm is distinguished because it restores and repairs hair unlike other processes that are known to damage hair.

General hair perming methods

The two popular perms based on chemical treatment are acid perms and alkaline perms. The former uses a gentle formulation made of glyceryl monothioglycolate that creates a pH range of 4.5 to 6.5 and requires a time-consuming heating process to set the curls. The latter uses a stronger formulation made of ammonium thioglycolate that creates a pH range of 8.2 to 9.6 and sets the curls in about twenty minutes without the requirement of heat. Acid perms create looser waves while alkaline perms create firm curls that last longer.

Brazilian hair perm treatment and features

Brazilian hair perm coats each hair strand with a film of Keratin, which is a tough protein present naturally in the hair and nails. The uneven hair structure that is responsible for roughness and dryness is smoothened by the Keratin film. In fact, when hair is observed under a microscope after the treatment, the otherwise coarse texture is replaced by an incredible smoothness. It not only imparts strength, manageability and flexibility but also leaves the internal structure of hair undisturbed. The use of a chemical aldehyde to infuse Keratin is the only disadvantage, but latest brands offer aldehyde-free Keratin solutions.

Advantages of Brazilian hair perms over other perms

The success of perming techniques depends on the quality of hair, previous chemical treatments and the stylist’s expertise. Chemical perming should not be done on hair that has become fragile with prior treatments as it results in breakage or excessive dryness. But the Brazilian technique can be used without regard to prior treatment processes and it still produces healthy hair that is coated with protective Keratin. While chemical perms are known for the frizz and damages they cause to hair, Brazilian perm does not make the hair lifeless; in fact it allows the hair to retain its body and natural movement. It does not interfere with the hair bonds as in chemical treatments. Further, the hair can be subjected to different styling effects like curling or smoothening.

Brazilian hair perm is an effective treatment that eliminates frizz and creates manageable perms without making the hair brittle. On the contrary, it adds strength and protection to the hair.

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