Royal Keratin Brazilian Treatment

Royal Keratin Brazilian Treatment reconditions hair without changing the chemical structure of the hair, and prevents frizz, while allowing curls, waves or other styles. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Hair treatments usually involve chemicals or interfere with the chemical structure of the hair to bring the desired result. Whether it is perming, coloring, bleaching, relaxing or straightening, most treatments result in dull and mistreated hair with repeated use. Hence, a radical change in hair treatment technology is a welcome feature for every person. In this regard, Royal Keratin Brazilian Treatment offers the most practical and safe solution to recondition hair without damages or side effects.

Uniqueness of the Royal Keratin Treatment

It is a hair replenishing treatment that protects hair from water or heat damages, and enhances its natural shine by a reconditioning process. The uniqueness lies in the fact that it does not interfere with the chemical bonds of the hair to restructure it, but coats the hair with Keratin, which is a natural substance comprising over 85% of human hair. It leaves the hair soft, shiny, straight and healthy, and prevents further damage as it penetrates the hair to repair any internal damage. In short, it renders the hair virtually maintenance free for four months or more.

Royal Keratin application process

The treatment lasts for 1 1/2 to 3 hours depending on the density and length of the hair. After a thorough cleansing to remove oil and other product residue, the hair is completely blow-dried and sectioned to apply the Keratin solution to every strand. The process is characterized by an intense mint scent. The hair is blow-dried again and straightened with a flat iron nearly four times to infuse the keratin formula into the hair. After 48 hours, it is washed using a special shampoo and conditioner that are free from sodium. During that period, it appears smooth with less body as the Keratin solution is saturated. It is not to be bent or pinned till those 48 hours, and after the wash it appears frizz-free, shiny and soft.

Working and effects of Royal Keratin Treatment

This revolutionary process does not involve strong chemicals for opening or closing the hair cuticle in an attempt to straighten it. Unlike Japanese Straightening technique, which uses thermal reconditioning to change the chemical structure of hair and form permanent straight hair, this technique is temporary and imparts health by smoothening hair. It infuses Keratin into the hair cuticle and hence, it can be used for any type of hair, irrespective of any kind of previous treatment. As Keratin is the structural ingredient of the hair, its infusion reduces frizz by nearly eight percent. After the treatment, the hair becomes smooth, and not stick straight as with the Japanese technique. It can be waved, curled and flat-ironed for any desired hairstyle.

Royal Keratin Brazilian Treatment is the most innovative strengthening and smoothening treatment for hair and the safe keratin coating enhances the health of the hair, allowing styling treatments and eliminating further damages.

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