Cambodian Property for Sale

Looking for investment opportunities in Cambodia? Discover the property that is up for sale and the reasons why you should consider buying property in Cambodia.

The Cambodian government has long been speculating on the option of allowing freehold property or not. In the case of allowing this practice foreign investment in the country would definitely increase.

As it is the region is experiencing a boom in the property business. This is because of the private equity funds that are being patronized by brand name investors. These investors are actually bringing in millions of pounds as foreign investment into the country with the intention to buy property in Cambodia.

Furthermore Cambodia has experienced a sharp increase in its tourism industry. This is another reason that has contributed to the boom in the property trade in the region. The current year is expected to attract even a greater number of tourists as per the predicted statistics. Hence we find that there is a lot of property being offered for sale and an even greater number of interested buyers because in the future it is likely to turn out as quite a profitable venture.

Residential & commercial property

The kind of property up for sale varies in nature. You will be able to find both residential as well as commercial property for sale in different regions. There is a considerable variance in the price for land according to the region and specific location of the property. Generally speaking the property for sale in the urban and metropolitan center tends to be far more expensive than that which is available in the distant rural areas. This is true whether you are looking for commercial or residential property.

The rules and regulations also vary according to the areas and the particular purpose for which the property is being purchased. In some regions the property taxes are quite heavy and interested individuals should make all the necessary research prior to making their investment. In other areas however the rules are quite lax but it is nonetheless advised to seek legal advice before making any investments in property in Cambodia.

There is a considerable variety of choice available to those looking to invest in property in Cambodia. You can invest your money in homes that can be used as guest houses and actually run a business through your property in Cambodia. As it is tourism is on the increase which is likely to be a source of great benefit to anyone who owns a piece of land in the country. If you are looking for a home to live in for yourself then you have an even wider spectrum of choices at your disposal.

Alternatively you may want to invest in a plot of land rather than a fully constructed house. Buying land is obviously cheaper and if you really want to save money then you should move away from the city centers because the land tends to be cheaper.

Interested individuals can even by farm lands in rural areas. Wide expanses of farm lands are available at good prices which can become a source of great income in the future as the prices of property in Cambodia are expected to shoot up in the following years.


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