Croatian Coffee

Coffee in Croatia is ingrained in the culture. To learn more about making Croatian coffee read our guide for facts & information…

Croatian Coffee?!? I am sure that would be the first reaction of any one used to as we are to Brazilian coffee, Arabic Coffee and the ubiquitous American latte. Oh yes, Croatian coffee is different because the entire culture of coffee drinking in Croatia has evolved into a fine art much like a Japanese tea ceremony. It is not that the coffee beans in Croatia are any different, it is the experience.

Coffee Drinking in Croatia

Those of us used to Starbucks kind of Coffee culture will be in for a pleasant surprise on a visit to Croatia. Coffee drinking in Croatia is a national past time, savoured at leisure while discussing family matters, sports, politics, well almost anything. Croatian towns and village are dotted with quaint cafés that serve you every type of coffee brew and even that odd Americano. Over 50% of Croatians drink coffee, lots of it, almost 5kgs per Croat per annum.

Which are Favorite Croatian Coffees?

The best Croatian coffee drink is the Bijela Kava. This white coffee drink is most popular across Croatia and tastes superb. Most others prefer drinking coffee in its espresso format, which is an all-time favorite. Nescafe and iced coffee are also favored by Croatians. Iced does not mean coffee with ice but coffee with ice cream.

How to Drink Croatian Coffee

Croatian Coffee is really strong stuff, unlike the weak watery drink that you get in America. Hence, be sure to mix a lot of milk and sugar to take the sting out. Visitors would do well to fill up their mugs 1/3rd with the coffee and then top it up with milk and at least four cubes of sugar.

Croatian Cafes

Croatian Café shops in Zagreb have even gone a step further to keep in step with the times. They now ‘serve’ apple ipads along with the coffee for the customers to browse e-newspapers. Customers read their favorite newspaper online, drink coffee, discuss their favorite topics and then return the ipads while leaving. Steve Jobs will surely be pleasantly surprised at the popularity and free publicity Croatian café shops are giving to his flagship product.

Croatian Coffee Drinking Lifestyle

March to November are the best months in Croatia when the weather is fine. In these months, you will find Croatians sitting in open air terraces sipping coffee and enjoying the fresh air and the scenery. This is very much a part of Croatian lifestyle and just as Parisians sit in their outdoor cafes, so do Croatians and boy, they love to talk.

Croatian Coffee to Take Home

Some coffee makers in Zagreb have made a name for themselves for producing their own brands of Turkish coffee that has a unique Croatian taste. Jubilarna Coffee is one such brand that promises to offer you the best Croatian coffee taste, something you must carry home for your family, friends and relatives. So when in Croatia, step into any one the beautiful Croatian café and ask for a Bijela Kava.

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