Turkish Coffee Grinder

Are you looking to purchase a Turkish coffee grinder? Do you want to know what makes Turkish coffee grinders so special? Then read on our guide for more information and facts…

Also called  ‘kahve degirmeni’, the Turkish coffee grinder is one of the main pieces of equipment in Turkish kitchens. This grinder can come as both electrically operated or manually operated mill.

Assembly of Turkish coffee grinder

The manually operated grinder has long and tubular design with metallic burrs (steel or copper,) which grind the coffee finely. The grinding mechanism adjusts from fine to coarse. The Turkish coffee is different from other types of coffees and requires the finest grind possible. As a matter of fact it should look like talcum powder after grinding.

The Turkish coffee grinder is generally smaller than other coffee grinders. They are manufactured from brass or other metal alloys. The metal which is used for manufacturing should be extremely hard and non-reactive. Generally the grinders are made from metal comprising of a fusion of brass and other metals and they are beautifully molded with hand engravings. They are given a great shine and the appearance is sturdy. Even if you don’t intend to use them, they will make for a great décor in your house.

Brass is obtained from amalgamating zinc and copper. It is very durable, hard and workable. It is easily crafted as compared to bronze but it is not dishwasher safe.


The best Turkish coffee grinders are not manufactured in Turkey but they are made by a German company called Zassenhaus. Zassenhaus provides 10 years warranty on their products. They make the most durable Turkish coffee grinders for many years now. Their grinders contain conical burrs along with some adjustments. They can grind fine coffee for the espresso machines also. People who have bought grinders from them have esteemed its solid craftsmanship and the antique look. The Zassenhaus coffee grinders are not easy to find and can be found only at specialty shops.

Manual versus electrical grinding

Electrical grinding takes less time than manual grinding. Therefore manual Turkish coffee grinders are best suited for those coffee drinkers who like to have more than one cup of coffee in a day. The main appeal of a manual Turkish coffee grinder is its craftsmanship, and apart from that high humidity can develop static buildup in it. However, this issue can be easily resolved by tapping its grounds box.

Turkish coffee grinders come in a range of $60 – $140.

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