Things to do in Havana

Are you going on holiday to Havana in Cuba? Do you want to know what tourist attractions and sightseeing activities there are in Havana? Our guide to Havana in Cuba gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Havana is the capital city of Cuba located on the West of the Island. Havana dates back to the times of colonialism when the Spanish ruled Cuba. Havana today still has a remarkable amount of the old Spanish colonial charm from centuries past and has plenty of sightseeing and tourist attractions. Below we’ve mentioned just a few of the top attractions on display in Havana.

Captain General’s Palace in Havana Cuba

This regal building was originally built as the official residence of the Captain General of the Spanish navy and is a must on any sightseeing tour of Havana. At one time the Spanish navy was a dominant maritime force in the Caribbean and all along the coast of South America, and Havana was a regional headquarters for Spanish naval operations.  This magnificent building located in the heart of Havana later became the palace of the President of Cuba in the 20th Century.  This palace in Havana Cuba is today a museum open to tourists displaying documents and artefacts tracing the development of the history of Havana and Cuba. This is one of the busiest museums in Havana often visited by busloads of tour groups in Havana, so go early to have a good look around this place in Havana.

San Cristobal Cathedral in Havana Cuba

This is the main cathedral in the centre of Havana. This cathedral was originally built in the mid 18th century by Jesuit missionaries in Cuba. This cathedral is located in the central square of Havana. The architecture of this cathedral in Havana is quite unorthodox and is often noted for its unequal towers and lavish marble alters inside. Visitors to this cathedral in Havana will find some of the finest religious works of art in Cuba displayed inside.  Visiting the inside of the Cathedral in Havana can be quite difficult as opening times throughout the year are erratic. However, in order to be assured of entrance the best time to see the inside of this cathedral in Havana is on Sunday morning just before mass when the doors are opened. Otherwise there are various mass times through the week, usually in the evenings which provide opportunities to see the inside of this cathedral in Havana.

Plaza de Armas in Havana Cuba

The Plaza de Armas is located in the centre of Havana, and a good starting point from which to embark on a tour of old Havana. The Plaza is actually a square in Cuba that dates back four hundred years. The sightseeing highlight of this square in Havana is a monument to Carlos Manuel de Cespedes who led Cuba to independence in the 19th century. Otherwise the square is a nice place to relax for a while in the centre of Havana and enjoy the shade of the trees.

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