Things to do in Santa Clara Cuba

Are you going on holiday to Santa Clara Cuba? Want to know what sightseeing and tourist attractions are in Santa Clara in Cuba? Our guide on things to do in Santa Clara gives you the facts & information you want.

Santa Clara is the Capital City of the Villa Clara province in Cuba. The Villa Clara province is located near the centre of Cuba and is the fifth largest province in Cuba. The main industries in Villa Clara in Cuba are the agricultural production of sugar and the breeding of livestock.  The town of Santa Clara in Cuba is not very large with a population of only around 200,000. Nevertheless, every year thousands of tourists in Cuba pass through Santa Clara in Cuba to visit a few of its noteworthy tourist attractions. Below we’ve mentioned some of the sightseeing highlights of Santa Clara and the surrounding Villa Clara region in Cuba.

Che Guevara Monument in Santa Clara Cuba

Santa Clara is the site of a monumental and pivotal turning point in the history of the Cuban revolution. It was in Santa Clara Cuba that a band of Cuban revolutionary guerrillas engaged in battle with the government forces of General Batista. The Guerrilla army were victorious under the leadership of Che Guevara and only a few days later the government was toppled and the revolution was successful. Today in Santa Clara a large statue of Che Guevara stands as a monument to this victory and his services to the Cuban revolution. This monument was originally erected in Santa Clara in 1987 to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Guevara. This monument in Santa Clara Cuba is open from 8am-9pm between Tuesday- Saturdays and remains open until 8pm on Sundays. Next to this monument in Santa Clara is an accompanying museum which explains the life and struggles of Che Guevara including the battle of Santa Clara. Museum entrance is free and well worth a visit.

Church of San Juan Bautista in Santa Clara Cuba

The most important piece of religious architecture in the town of Santa Clara is the Church of San Juan Bautista of Remedios.  This church is located in the town of Santa Clara and is noted primarily for the beauty of its architecture which includes statues of Christian saints and original mahogany ceilings. Like most churches in Cuba, this church is technically supposed to be open for public viewing but more often than not it is closed. In order to gain entrance to this church try hanging around just before mass, when the doors are opened to the public.

Baths of Elguea in Villa Clara Cuba

The natural spring baths of Elguea are located 130km away from the town of Santa Clara in the Villa Clara province of Cuba. Although out of the way, many tourists come to this isolated spot in Villa Clara province of Cuba for the health and healing benefits believed to be contained in the natural spring water. The natural springs at Elguea are rich in sulphur which is believed to aid with various health problems. The natural springs in Villa Clara are now at the centre of an entire resort that has been built around them. Facilities include swimming pools, mud baths and massages at this hotel resort in Villa Clara province of Cuba.

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