Italian Greyhound Gifts

Looking for the perfect Italain greyhound gift? Perhaps you want to buy a present for you friend who is an Italian greyhound lover? Whatever it is, our guide to gifts for Italian greyhounds gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The Italian greyhound was a popular dog in the 17th century. It was no street dog mind you rather it was considered as a top class companion pet for the rich and noble classes. Many a royal family used to keep this particular breed of dog for the satisfaction of their personal whims and desires. This was the era that brought about a change in the reasons for which people used to keep dogs. Before this people were either seen keeping dogs either for the sake of security or for hunting purposes but after this era people started developing a passion to own dogs for the sake of the pleasure of their company. Recent years have seen the Italian greyhound come back into fashion, and I literally mean fashion.

Fashionble Dog Gifts

These dogs are taken as a fashion statement by the industry of fashion itself and as well as many celebrities and other wealthy people. This is because this is a dog that demands luxury and loves to be taken care of and spoilt. It is hyper sensitive which is also a common trait found in super celebrities. Nonetheless the craze has taken over the public at large and people living in small apartments are also keeping the Italian greyhound as a pet. Seeing the popularity of the breed some very intelligent business minded individuals decided to reap further profits from the vulnerable market situation. They analyzed the market situation and determined that gift items related to Italian greyhounds had great commercial viability.

Gifts for Greyhound Lovers

Many companies can now be seen that specialize in producing gift items related to Italian greyhounds. After all the Italian greyhound has the honor of being painted by great artists the likes of Boticilli. The idea behind these gift items is simple. Just have a graphic representation of the Italian greyhound on almost anything and you will have the dog lovers going crazy over the item. That’s true because the target market of these Italian greyhound gifts are those people who love this particular breed and would want to have its picture on almost everything. This is not to say that the Italian greyhound gift items do not attract those outside the fold of the dog lovers.

Common Italian Greyhound Gifts

The most commonly found gift items include serving trays and coasters that have compositions of Italian greyhounds made on them. Then you have the wall clocks and trivets that are amongst the popular Italian greyhound gift items. There is also a wide range of desktop items that has been made available by the companies involved. These include things for your home as well as the office. Card holders, coffee mugs, desk clocks and pen holders are those things that can set up an office of an Italian greyhound lover. There is also a whole range of kitchen items within the umbrella of Italian greyhound gift items. These include cutting mats, cooking jars, bottle toppers, watering cans and flower vases. Then you have the decorative Italian greyhound sculptures and wall paintings that are also very popular gifts regarding this specific breed.

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