Cuban Cigarillos

Want to enjoy an authentic Cuban cigarillo? Learn how to somke them properly to enjoy the full taste of Cuban cigars…

Cuban cigarillos are extremely popular not only in the Caribbean but also across America and Europe. The earliest discovery of tobacco by the Europeans dates back centuries. In fact, it was popularized from the late 18th century onwards across the world. This was mainly because tobacco was used as a trade item on trans-Atlantic trade zones and hand rolled cigars were very popular and priced trade items.

Today cigar trading and production is a worldwide famous business and the most prized cigarillos come from Cuba, the Caribbean and Central America. A hand rolled cigar is monogrammed with the title of being hand rolled and their authenticity is therefore certified.

Some of the famous Cuban cigarillos available in the market are old brand names manufactured by companies that have been in business in Cuba for centuries. The taste of cigars is an acquired habit and connoisseurs prefer it over cigarettes as it has its own charm and flavor. However, cigarillos are a smaller size of the Cuban cigar and are hand rolled to reach up to 4 to 5 inches in length but probably not more than 6 mm in width.

Storing Your Cuban Cigarillo

There are basic etiquettes of storing and using Cuban cigarillos to ensure that the flavor is managed and sustained throughout their life. It is recommended to store it at 16 to 18°C and in an area which is no more humid than 65% to 70%. In fact hard-core cigar smokers actually invest in a cabinet which is used to control the humidity known as the humidor and this way the quality of the cigars is managed. People actually like to store their larger quantity of cigars with the merchant whom they purchase from regularly as they have the best climatic conditions in their stores. So in fact even today tobacco is traded and treated as a commodity.

How To Use Cuban Cigarillos

Connoisseurs of the Cuban cigarillo actually check the quality of the many cigars before smoking it and this is generally done by pressing the cigar softly. If it is springy then it is fresh. Apart from this the leaf that it is rolled in should be smooth as silk and glisten with the natural oils present in it. To start using the cigarillo you can cut off the cap with scissors or the special small guillotine that is used to make the incision on the cigar cap. Do not remove it all the way through otherwise the wrapper can unravel and the tobaccos will fall out. You could remove the band of the cigar once it is warm and smoking. Make sure you use an odorless light because whatever combustible material is used the cigar hangs on to the aroma. It is advised that you go slow in lighting up the cigarillo and char the end so that it ignites evenly. Follow this by blowing on the cigarillo and ensure that it burns uniformly, the advantage with the cigarillo is that it is not too fat and takes a shorter time to come to life. Place it in your mouth and draw on the cigar while you rotate it with your fingers to let it burn evenly.

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