Canned Turkey Gravy

Want some information on canned turkey gravy? Read the reviews that follow to find out about the best tasting canned turkey gravy…

If you want a taste of Thanksgiving without putting in too much effort then why not try the best canned turkey gravy? Rather than conducting a lot of trial and error you can read reviews online to discover different kinds of canned turkey gravy.

Even better why not ask a turkey merchant or other Thanksgiving food supplier for their recommendations for prepared cranberry sauce, frozen pumpkin pies and even ready-made stuffing mix. That will make your Thanksgiving cooking tasks much easier and far less tiring.

Importance of Turkey Gravy

Thanksgiving turkey gravy can be what brings everything on the dinner table together. It is the sauce that subtly binds the flavors of the stuffing and the meat as well as the different vegetables and mashed potatoes together making it an essential complement to the Thanksgiving meal.

Reviews of Canned Turkey Gravy

A thorough review by the renowned chef at Preston’s restaurant at the Inn  in Virginia Tech chef Josef Schelch and other staff members of The Roanoke Times’ of New River Valley was conducted for canned turkey gravy. They conducted a taste test of different Thanksgiving canned turkey gravies, cranberry sauces and even frozen pumpkin pies to make life easier for others like you.

The Options for Canned Turkey Gravy

Of course ready-to-heat-and-serve canned turkey gravy cannot compare to the original homemade version. The main reason for this is that original turkey gravy is created from the fat dripping of turkey juices which are typically used to sauté flour in. The fragrant paste called the roux is what comprises the base for the delicious turkey gravy.

For canned turkey gravy you do have options such as Homestyle Gravy in Roasted Turkey Flavor by Heinz. At less than two dollars a can this turkey gravy is available from many retail outlets. You can taste the preservatives and chemical although the broth and its flavor comes through very nicely. A good thing about this brand of canned turkey gravy is that it’s not very salty.

The second option is turkey gravy by Kroger which is available at less than a dollar. It tastes only marginally better than the Heinz canned turkey gravy but has more of a vegetable base than poultry flavored gravy. As before the chemical taste comes through and this version is saltier than our first option.

Should you try the Market Roasted Turkey Gravy by Boston you will notice a slightly greasy aftertaste and more of a chicken flavor which makes it closer to the poultry taste that you’re looking for. Even though it’s slightly salty there is no aftertaste of different chemicals in your mouth. This slightly pricey canned turkey gravy is available at more than two dollars a can.

Finally you can try a well roasted version of canned turkey gravy available from Campbell’s who have perfected the art of canning different gravies and soups. If you’re not satisfied with the taste of canned turkey gravy it is recommended that you prepare it fresh the night before to reduce your work load on Thanksgiving Day.

There’s nothing that can compare with freshly prepared turkey gravy. However, if you are in a pinch and really pressed for time or lack the skills to prepare good-quality turkey gravy then you can settle for the canned version.

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