Belgian Groenendael

Interested in the Belgian Greonendael? Get an overview of the most popular variety of the Belgian sheepdog in our information guide.

The Belgian Groenenael is one of the four variations of the Belgian sheepdog family. This all black dog is known for its muscular body and impressive agility. The Groenendal walks with pride and has a relatively square proportioned body.

This variation of the sheepdog is strong without being heavy. It has a set of triangular ears standing erect over its body. The pointed long muzzle of the Groenendael adds color to its character.

Physical characteristics

One of the most appreciated physical qualities of the Belgian Groenendael is its thick black coat of hair. The full coat of hair consists of medium length hairs that become rough around the leg. The region below the legs and the underside tends to have a heavier feathering. The undercoat of the dog is also quite dense.

The dog is entirely black with the exception of a patch of white on its chest or chin. It may even have some white on its toes. It has a rather long and bushy tail that reaches all the way up to the hocks.

The Groenendael features a set of charming brown almond shaped eyes upon a dull black nose. The sheepdog has a rather deep chest that reaches down to its elbows but it is not very broad. It features rather muscular hindquarters that provide it with the boost for its agility. These are supported with straight and short front legs. The dog has a set of rounded cat feet.

Belgian Groenendael’s personality

The Belgian Groenendael is not just about looks. Indeed it has a character that makes it the most popular of the four varieties of Belgian sheepdog. It is renowned as being an extremely smart dog and displays utmost obedience to its master. It has an innate protective nature and is always on guard.  The Belgian Groenendael is one serious mutt that likes to have a job to do.

The Belgian Groenendael has demanding socialization needs. This is why specialists suggest that they should be made to engage in social activities from a young age otherwise they have a tendency of developing shyness or sensitivity.

Belgian Greonendaels love to train extensively but do not enjoy harsh trainers. When they are assigned challenging jobs to do they like to put in their best. Harsh training on the other hand may lead to the dog becoming uncooperative. Ideally you would want to win over the dog’s respect.

Their innate protective nature and high level of intellect have also earned them a place in the police and armed forces of a number of European countries. On the other hands they are popular choices for pets as well depending of course on whether the pet owner is willing to meet the high training and maintenance standards required by the Belgian Greonendaels.

Apart from some genetic diseases that it has in its bloodlines the Belgian Greonendael is very healthy, strong and smart. This makes it fit enough to engage in any job that could be expected from a dog whatsoever.

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