Cuban Coffee

It is common knowledge that Cuban cigars are the best in the world, but you might not know that Cuban coffee is also very highly regarded. Some people say that once you try Cuban coffee, you will never go back to your previous coffee because it is so

Cuban coffee has a flavor and aroma that are tantalizing. For over 200 years, Cuba has grown the finest varieties of coffee beans and has pefected the growing and processing techniques to bring out the now-famous Cuban coffee flavor. In fact, the finest Arabic coffee in the world actually comes from Cuba. Cuban coffee is a favorite of coffee connaisseurs from around the world.

The prime coffee growing region in Cuba is the forested terrain of the Sierra Maestra Mountains. The soil there is fine, deep, and reddish brown and is perfectly suited for growing the best coffee. Because of the rich humus in this area, coffee can be cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers. Therefore, Cuban coffee is not only delicious and free from manmade toxins, but it is also friendly to the earth. The climate is just right for coffee production, and Cuba’s inexpensive labor force allows inexpensive production facilities to keep Cuban coffee prices low. Cuban coffee cultivation is labor intensive and the procedures at every step of the planting, growing, harvesting, and processing have been perfected.

Cuban coffee beans have a superior reputation in Asia, Europe, and the Americas due to its outstanding taste and quality. The flavor is inviting, delivers a strong coffee taste, and is the kind of coffee that makes you wonder if you can go back to drinking the consumer-grade coffee you were used to. And, being strong as it is, Cuban coffee packs quite a caffeine punch. Just a small cup – demitasse size – will pick you right up when you succumb to a late afternoon energy slump.

If you switch to drinking Cuban coffee, you’ll know firsthand why coffee lovers everywhere are so passionate about it. Whether you drink it upon awakening in the morning or to ward off sleepiness later in the day, Cuban coffee is the best tasting choice you can make, whether you add milk and sugar, or drink it plain. The Cuban coffee variety called Cafecito is made like an Italian espresso, and is usually served after lunch and dinner in small coffee cups. Cuban coffee makes an excellent addition to a coffee lover’s menu because of its superb taste and stimulating qualities.

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