Colorful Indian Bangles

Need a colorful Indian bangle set to match your outfit? Read on to discover how to personalize cheap Indian bangles…

Colorful Indian bangles have a very romantic and soft image associated with them. They make for easy and cheap accessories and are available in a plethora of colors across the country. With the advent of Indian fashion into the international scene, many Westerners have known to adopt this accessory to accentuate their outfits.

Bangles are traditionally known as churiyaan or kangna in India. These bangles are worn by both men and women in different styles and materials. They are often sported on the wrist but on occasion worn as arm bands also. Bangles are circular in shape and not as flexible as bracelets and the size cannot be adjusted to fit different hands. It is available in sizes based upon the circumference of a closed palm measured in inches.

Tradition and History of Bangles in India

Bangles form a traditional part of the Indian jewelry collection of every woman. They are worn in pairs of two or more and sold as such also. This accessory is created out of precious and semiprecious materials like gold, silver and platinum along with stainless steel and glass. Apart from this you can find colorful Indian bangles in wood, clay and ivory along with colorful plastic.

Married women prefer to wear gold or silver bangles either on their own or in combination. Glass bangles are the accessory of choice for different religious functions and marriages. However, for daily wear plastic bangles have become increasingly popular along with the ones which have beads spun around a metal wire. These colorful Indian bangles are made intricately by craftsmen across India. Jewelers who are masters of gold and silver jewelry create both handmade and machine made pieces to suit the requirements of the Indian woman. These are often encrusted with precious and semiprecious stones like rubies, diamonds and emeralds and pearls along with Topaz and Rose Quartz. The glass bangles are created by glass blowers who are masters of their craft and it is very interesting to see how the edges are joined to form inflexible and yet delicate bangles.

The tinkling sound of the Indian bangle further accentuates the beauty of the colorful glass and metallic wrist ornaments. The largest and possibly most expansive production center of glass bangles in India is the city of Ferozabad and in Pakistan the city of Hyderabad is the center of glass bangles production. It is highly interesting to note that this precious and fragile commodity is transported all over the country and of course all over the world. Makes you understand why glass bangles are coveted by women all over the world. Interesting to note that bangles can be created to make different sounds like clanking plastic and sharp tinkling metal ones. Gold and silver bangles are known to have a more coveted tinkle which is softer and soothing to the ears. Other metals which are cheaper and heavier do not produce a soft jingling sound and glass bangles are known to make a lot of noise.

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