Mexican Wedding Music

If you are planning a Mexican themed wedding, are going to Mexico for a destination wedding, or want to bring out your Mexican heritage in the choice of music at the wedding, then read on for more information on Mexican wedding music…

The importance of music can never be underestimated at a special event, and this is no more true than in the case of weddings. Typically, Mexican wedding music consists of a mixture of traditional Mexican songs, music from famous Latin American artists, love songs from around the globe, and a combination of music derived from Spanish culture, such as flamenco, salsa and merengue music.

Religious Music

At the marriage ceremony itself, which usually takes place in a church, the organ is the chosen instrument. As most Mexican citizens are Roman Catholic, the music played at the ceremony is generally classical and religious, with hymns and other religious songs being played on the organ as the bridal party enters and leaves, and throughout the ceremony. Very occasionally, a mariachi band may play the music at the wedding ceremony, but more commonly the mariachi band is reserved for the reception while the organ is chosen to play the processional.

Mariachi Music

The traditional Mariachi band is a staple in terms of Mexican wedding music, and a Mexican wedding would not be complete without them. The Mariachi will often play the recessional song after the marriage ceremony at the church, and will provide entertainment at the reception venue. Typically the music played by the Mariachi band is traditional Mexican, using a variety of instruments including violins, guitars, harp, trumpets and drums, and some bands include accordions. The music played is festive, with a distinct staccato beat and prominent snare drum leads and accordion solos.

Veracruzian Style

While most Mariachi music is upbeat, music coming from the region of Veracruz is generally a little bit more delicate. The outfits worn by the Mariachi band members add to the festive feel. Mariachi coming from the North of Mexico usually wear all white or all black outfits, while those from the South usually wear blue. Outfits worn by all Mariachi bands include intricate silver detailing.

Latino Dance Music

At the wedding reception, most couples choose to have Spanish style music playing that the guests are able to dance through. Most often, flamenco guitar, merengue and salsa music is played, usually by a live acoustic guitar artists. However, sometimes couples enjoy playing more modern Spanish or Latino music and may even include modern crossover artists such as Shakira and Enrique Iglesias to get the party started.
When choosing your Mexican wedding music, the options are endless. Whatever songs you decide to include on your ultimate wedding playlist, you are sure to have an evening that both you and your guests will never forget.

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