Fishing Spots in Cuba

Fishing Spots in Cuba

Are you going fishing on your holiday to Cuba? Do you want to know when & where the best fishing in Cuba is? Our guide to fishing in Cuba gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Cuba is a great country to do some fishing.  As an island with more than 5000km of coastline, the geography of Cuba in combination with its surrounding waters makes it a fishing paradise. Whether it’s fishing in the deep sea, or fishing in the quiet lakes, Cuba has the right fishing experience for you. Here we’ve highlighted some of the best fishing experiences to be had in Cuba.

Deep sea fishing in Cuba

Cuba has great deep sea fishing facilities to be enjoyed by fishing enthusiasts all year round. The best place to go deep sea fishing in Cuba is off the North West coast of Cuba. The waters off this part of Cuba form part of the fast moving Gulf Stream in which the conditions for fishing are fantastic.

Some of the most common species of fish that can be caught while fishing in this part of Cuba are tuna, mackerel, barracuda and swordfish. The best facilities for fishing in this part of Cuba can be found at Havana, Playas del Este and Isla de la Juventad.

Fishing in the South of Cuba

Fishing in the south of Cuba provides a different experience to fishing in the North of Cuba. Most fishing in the South of Cuba is done from the shore and the main species of fish that are caught are tarpon and bonefish. The weather in the South of Cuba is also slightly warmer than in the North.

Fresh water fishing in Cuba

Cuba does not have an abundance of natural lakes and rivers, although there are plenty of opportunities for fresh water fishing in Cuba. The government of Cuba have built dozens of reservoirs across Cuba, many of which are up to 5km in length and provide a good amount of fresh water fish.

The main species of fish that can be caught from fresh water fishing in Cuba is the Bass.  Many of the best reservoirs for fresh water fishing in Cuba are located in central Cuba which can be difficult to reach from many of the coastal tourist resorts or major towns in Cuba. The best time to go fresh water fishing in Cuba is between November and May.

Fishing competitions in Cuba

Every year, several fishing competitions are held in Cuba. Some of these fishing competitions are taken quite seriously and attended not only by Cuban fishing enthusiasts, but also by fishermen from abroad.

Probably the most famous of these fishing competitions is the Ernest Hemmingway fishing competition held every year in the North West of Cuba.

The fishing competition is named after the famous American novelist who used to live in Cuba during the 1950’s and actually helped to draft the rules of the original competition. Registration for the Ernest Hemmingway fishing competition in Cuba costs $500 for a three man fishing crew which gives you permission to do four days of fishing using 30lb fishing lines.

Renting fishing equipment in Cuba

There are plenty of places in Cuba from where you can rent fishing equipment. Most of these shops will sell you everything from fishing bait to renting deep sea fishing rods for the day. There are also a few places in Cuba from where you can rent your own fishing boats for a fee of approximately $300 per day.

If there are a few of you going fishing then the cost split between you can actually work out quite cheap; however, as with renting cars in Cuba,  book in advance to avoid disappointment as demand often exceeds supply.

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