Cuban Picadillo Recipe

Want to learn to cook from an authentic Cuban picadillo recipe? Read ahead to discover how to cook a delicious Cuban picadillo…

Cuban cuisine is a mix of rich flavorful ingredients which are utilized to enhance the taste of a basic ingredient which is the focus of each Cuban recipe. For example the beef, chicken, rice or fruit nectar will be seasoned and prepared to enhance its natural flavor rather than mask it.

Ingredients for the Cuban Picadillo Recipe

An authentic Cuban picadillo recipe will require 2 pounds of ground beef, half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, two onions of medium-size which have been chopped finely, five cloves of garlic which have been freshly crushed along with one yellow bell pepper which is medium-sized.

Seasonings for Cuban Picadillo

Ingredients required for seasoning this Cuban picadillo recipe include one can of tomato sauce approximately 8 ounces, 1/3 cup of catsup, quarter teaspoon of salt and quarter teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper. For flavorful depth of the meat sauce you will require four bay leaves, one tablespoon of dried oregano and either 1/4 cup of raisins or stuffed olives. This recipe is fairly easy to prepare and imparts a delicious and wholesome flavor. It can be served as the main course with the rice and flat bread.

Directions for Cooking the Cuban Picadillo Recipe

In a large pan heat the extra virgin olive oil over medium heat. Now add the chopped onions and diced bell peppers and sauté them lightly. Pour in the garlic and give it a stir to release the aroma. Stir in the bay leaves and fry till fragrant. Now add in the ground beef. Cook the beef until it is browned evenly. Remove the pan from the flame very carefully and tilt the pan to drain any liquid and fat from the browned beef.

Mix in the salt and pepper and add the catsup and give the beef a stir. Cook for two minutes and now add in the tomato paste. Mix in the other seasonings and stir well to combine them together. Toss in the raisins or stuffed olives and mix well. Now cover the pot with a lid and let the beef simmer for approximately 40 minutes.

Serving Suggestions for all Cuban Picadillo Recipes

Since the meat sauce has to be served warm it is best served with yellow rice which is the traditional Cuban rice dish. If you want to serve this dish with rice then make sure you add a little chicken or beef stock to make it a little soupy with gravy. Why not try an authentic and traditional Cuban dish by serving as meat sauce with white rice and fried plantains?

Alternatively you can serve the Cuban picadillo with flavorful and cooked black beans. Apart from this you can make a meal of the meat sauce by serving it with black beans and a side salad of tomatoes, goat’s cheese and mint. This salad can be garnished with oregano or thyme depending on your preference. This Cuban picadillo dinner recipe is extremely versatile and the meat sauce can be used as a filling for tacos, empanadas and even enchiladas. This means that you can translate the Cuban flavor into Mexican cuisine also.

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