Fuerteventura Shopping Spots

Fuerteventura shopping spots range from large Canarian style shopping centers to small local shops that have plenty to offer, ranging from local hand-made crafts to branded products. Read our guide for more facts and information…

The island of Fuerteventura is renowned for its breathtaking beauty endowed by its golden beaches and impressive sceneries. Located at a distance of about fifty miles from Saharan Africa, Fuerteventura is characterized by miles of deserted land and some of the best beaches in the group of Canary Islands. The weather is excellent with little rain and pleasant sunshine throughout the year. Though resort development is restricted, the island still has lots to offer for vacationers. Apart from sightseeing, windsurfing and adventurous quad safaris, there are plenty of interesting shopping spots in the region.

Shopping in Fuerteventura

Some of the interesting shopping spots are located in Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste, Puerto del Rosario and Morro Jable. Tourists can have a nice time shopping around for items that can be cherished as souvenirs. Another important shopping attraction of Fuerteventura pertains to the traveling markets that drop in on the resorts one or two times a week. These markets are mainly operated by African traders selling carvings, wallets, bags, jewelry and replicas of branded products. The quaint yet vivid markets are interesting for bargain hunters. There is usually no set price for items, as traders fix high prices at first, and come down after some persistent bargaining.

Shopping at Corralejo

Corralejo’s main street has rows of vibrant shops that sell clothes, perfumes, electrical items, jewelry, and many more. El Campanario, an attractive shopping center built in the Canarian style, is becoming increasingly attractive as the number of shops in the complex is growing steadily. Even visitors who are not into shopping can visit the mall to experience the cool settings and climb up the bell tower to get an astonishing view of Corralejo.

Shopping at Puerto del Rosario

This area houses Las Rotondas, the biggest shopping plaza in the Canary Islands, opened in 2006. Spanning across 30,000 square meters, this plaza has brought a radical change in shopping on the Island. It has a diverse range of shops including famous Spanish and English brand names, such as Jack & Jones, Bershka, Pull and Bear, Quicksilver, etc.

Shopping at Caleta de Fuste

This region has several shopping centers housing retail outlets for clothes, jewelry, perfumes, and so on. The major shopping center in Caleta de Fuste is the Altlantio Center that has plenty of shops selling a variety of goods, such as toys, games, footwear, etc. It also houses entertainment facilities consisting of a cinema, an amusement arcade and a bowling alley. The center also has some interesting restaurants and cafes, including Mc Donald’s and Burger King.

Fuerteventura shopping spots provide an enjoyable shopping experience for visitors, and at the same time allow them to have a glimpse of the local culture and mores.

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