Weather Patterns in Cuba

Are you going on holiday to Cuba? Do you want to know what the weather is likely to be like in Cuba when you are on holiday? Our guide to weather in Cuba gives you the facts and information on annual weather trends in Cuba.

The weather in Cuba is typical of its sub tropical climate. The positioning of Cuba as an island in the Caribbean Sea means that the weather in Cuba is also influenced to a great extent by the trade winds that blow from the south to north east. Weather conditions in Cuba are relatively constant all year round with only moderate fluctuations in temperatures and other weather conditions.

Sunny Weather

The weather in Cuba is quite pleasant all year round and with the exception of some showers to be expected during the rainy season in Cuba, you can expect excellent weather on your holiday to Cuba at any time. If you are going to Cuba to specifically enjoy the sun, then the months with the sunniest weather are from January to April.

Temperature in Cuba

Weather varies little between seasons in terms of temperature fluctuations, with the average temperature in Cuba being 25C.  The weather can become cool and temperatures drop to about 20C sometimes, with the warmest weather in Cuba bringing temperatures of no more than 30C. The weather is warmer in the East of Cuba than the weather in the West of Cuba due to the more southerly latitude of the East of Cuba.

Summer Weather in Cuba

The summer months in Cuba bring with them the wet weather. An indication of the wet weather levels seen in Cuba during the summer is that fact that average monthly rainfall levels between the months of May-October are three times higher than that found in Cuba during the winter.  Average monthly rainfall in Cuba during summer months is approximately 160mm.

Winter Weather

The weather conditions in Cuba during the winter months are comparatively drier. Average monthly rainfall levels between the months of November- April in Cuba are 50mm.

Severe Weather Conditions

Cuba does experience extreme weather conditions on an almost yearly basis. The weather in Cuba is worst during the hurricane season which occurs between June and November.  This weather in Cuba brings winds of up to 250km per hour.

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