Costa Maya Excursions

Thinking about going on a Costa Maya excursion? Want to know where the best excursions in Costa Maya are? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

The Costa Maya is fast becoming one of the premier destinations in Mexico for tourist excursions. Located on the eastern coast of Mexico overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Costa Maya has many positive characteristics that make is a popular place for tourist activities and excursions. The Costa Maya is an idyllic stretch or land that runs for nearly 60 miles just south of the tourist hotspot of Cancun. Unlike Cancun, however, the Costa Maya is still relatively underdeveloped which up until recently has been seen as something of a drawback. However, with the increased interested in eco tourism and nature based activities such as scuba diving, rock climbing and nature hikes, The Costa Maya has taken on a new and highly attractive dimension.

Eco Tourism in Costa Maya

The value of the Costa Maya as a potentially lucrative tourist destination is a fact that has not escaped either the public or private sector in Mexico. The government of Mexico has announced a concerted plan to develop the infrastructure of the Costa Maya bringing electricity and water to the region as a whole. This in turn has led many private enterprises, including tour companies offering excursions, to set up shop along the Costa Maya. Unlike Cancun, however ,The government have made it clear that they intend for the Costa Maya to keep it’s natural charm and all building activity will be highly regulated to avoid it getting too urbanized and over crowded.

Excursions from Majahual

One of the best places from which to embark upon an excursion of the Costa Maya is Majahual. Majahual, which is located towards the southern end of the Costa Maya, is becoming a major tourist centre for all sorts of excursions along the Costa Maya including scuba diving, rock climbing, caving in fresh water caves with pools and nature trail hiking.

Archeological Excursions in Costa Maya

Archeological excursions are also popular with tourists visiting the Costa Maya. The Costa Maya, which gets its name from the ancient Mayan civilization that once lived there, is home to five significant archeological sites, all of which can be visited on various excursions.

Fishing Excursions in Costa Maya

Fishing excursions are another popular activity with tourists on the Costa Maya. You can even charter your own boat with a guide to take you out for a day of sea bass fishing and cruising in the local waters. Reports from people who have been on these excursions suggest that you could very well get the biggest catch of your life in the Costa Maya Mexico.

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