American Eagle Tennis Shoes

Interested in American Eagle tennis shoes? Explore the variety of tennis shoes developed by American Eagle…

If you are looking for tennis shoes then the collection of tennis shoes by American Eagle is bound to impress you. American eagle tennis shoes are a perfect blend of form and function as they offer you optimum performance in utmost style and comfort.

Some of the best American Eagle tennis shoes are as follows:

Babolat Womens Team Lady II Tennis Shoes

This is one of the latest additions to the First Team Lady collection by American Eagle. It is one amongst the two new Babolat tennis shoes developed for women in 2008. The shoes have been developed after extensive research on womens-specific standards for contours of women’s feet.

The unique tennis shoes have the same high end technology that is also incorporated in Andy Roddick’s Team All Court. The exact Michelin rubber outsole gives the tennis shoes a great grip on all sorts of tennis court surfaces. They are available in a brilliant combination of white and silver that blends in perfectly with traditional tennis apparel. You can pick up these impressive American Eagle tennis shoes for $69.95.

American Eagle Outfitters tennis shoes

If you are looking for out of the box tennis shoes that give you optimum performance in style then these classic tennis shoes from American Eagle are sure to impress you. They have an excellent width of 4 ¼ inches at the widest part of the sole.

This provides excellent maneuverability to the wearer. The shoes have been given an upper leather construction with 100% man made materials. This gives them superior quality and durability. The dark tan colors give it a stylish edge.

American Eagle Leather Tennis Shoes

Capture the essence of the American Eagle feel with these impressive tennis shoes by the company. Made using extremely high quality genuine leather these tennis shoes are bound to last you a life time. The shoes are available in a variety of three brilliant earthy colors including khaki, green and tan. The trademark American Eagle logo is featured on the heels of these classy leather tennis shoes.

Men’s American Living Tennis Shoes

Although this is one of the older varieties of tennis shoes from American Eagle you still might be able to pick them up at the over stock. The traditional tennis shoes are all time classic natural canvas tie tennis shoes that have a timeless value for tennis players. Go with the flow with these American living tennis shoes by American Eagle.

Babolat Team Lady Ladies Tennis Shoes

This is the 2006 version from the Babolat tennis shoes collection. It has the state of the art technology that makes for comfortable wear during intense performance. The upper is composed of leather and mesh whereas the shoes are painted in an eye catchy combination of white, silver and red.

The shoe energizer technology that is embedded in the forefront allows for propulsion to take place through compression and decompression of a PU pad. The shoes also feature the Vinrakill heel that has excellent shock absorbing capabilities making the pair ideal for tennis.

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