Spanish Immersion Cuba

Cuba offers an interesting environment to people looking for Spanish immersion programs. Find out more about what makes Cuba a great place to learn Spanish and where the top language schools are located.

Looking for a suitable place to go to in order to learn Spanish can be an overwhelming task. With almost all the Spanish speaking countries offering excellent Spanish language immersion courses that have proved to be the most successful means of learning a language one may find it hard to make a choice. There are a number of things that an individual must consider when picking a particular region to go to. Since the instructors are bound to be native speakers of the language instruction is not a problem. But since teaching will not be confined to the classroom and you will have the chance to go out and explore the culture of the Spanish speaking country that you are in you should choose a place which interests you.

Why Cuba?

In this respect Cuba happens to be one of the most favored spots for people seeking to learn Spanish through immersion programs. Most of the Spanish language immersion schools are situated in the Capital city of Havana. Although one would associate boredom and monotony with the word communism the life and culture of Havana is quite the contrary. Havana is known for its laid back cool lifestyle with a bustling night life. The landscape of Havana is dotted with Spanish colonial architecture and baking plazas with towering palm trees. The city has a vibrant feel which is exciting for the students coming here to learn Spanish.

Since the nature of immersion programs is such that you will be out and about practicing your Spanish skills with the people of the society, the Cuban capital seems like the ideal place to experience a true Spanish culture. Some immersion programs also require the students to stay with a Spanish speaking family. A stay with a family in Cuba can give the student a true taste of what the Spanish lifestyle is all about. The cuisine and culture of Cuba act as a great complimentary force to the efforts that are made in the class room.

Spanish Immersion courses in Havana Cuba

Santiago de Cuba in Havana is one of the leading language schools of the region. It offers year round Spanish Language programs for all levels. The diverse range of programs gives the students the freedom to choose the one which is best suited to his requirements.  Another good immersion school is the Academia Caribe in Santiago de Cuba. The school offers a unique learning method by incorporating communicative materials and techniques based on the philosophy of immersion programs. SprachCaffe Languages Plus is an immersion school in the capital city. The school combines language lessons with other cultural activities to give the students a firsthand experience of the Cuban Spanish culture. The second largest city of Cuba Santiago de Cuba is home to the Rubi Roses’ Spanish School which is one of the oldest and most professional language institutes of the region.


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