Skiing in Turkey

Did you know Turkey is great Skiing destination? Want to when and where to go skiing in Turkey? Our guide to skiing in Turkey gives you the facts and information you’ll want to know.

Turkey is not traditionally thought of as a destination for skiing because of its Mediterranean climate; however, Turkey has several inland mountainous regions and several resorts for skiing. The Tourist Board of Turkey has begun to invest in the development of Turkey’s potential to provide skiing holidays for tourists. We’ve included a brief overview of a few of the most popular places for skiing in Turkey.

Skiing at Elmadag in Turkey

Elmadag is situated approximately 20km away from Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The skiing piste is about 1km long with fully functional teleski facilities taking you to the top of the ski piste. Skiing at Elmadag can be done as a day trip from Ankara or alternatively you can stay for a few nights in one of the many chalets or the local hotel.

Skiing at Palandoken in Turkey

The Palandoken skiing resort is located within a few kilometres of the city of Erzurum in North East Turkey. Palandoken offers some of the best skiing in Turkey with several long and quite difficult runs to negotiate. Palandoken in Turkey lies at an average altitude of 2800 meters which provides very good snow conditions for skiing. Accommodation is easily available at one of the several big hotels in or near the skiing resort. The Skiing season in Palandoken begins around December and the pistes are still usable up until around April.

Skiing at Saklikent in Turkey

The Saklikent Skiing resort is located in the Beydag mountain range, to the north of the Southern Turkish city of Antalya. The Skiing season at this resort in Turkey begins from January and generally runs through to April. Towards the end of the skiing season one can enjoy skiing at Saklikent in the morning and go for a swim in the warm Mediterranean in the afternoon. The altitude of the Saklikent skiing resort in Turkey is about 2000 meters. The skiing resort is furnished with the usual facilities including chalets, shops and a few local restaurants.

Skiing at Uludag in Turkey

The closest city to the skiing resort at Uludag is Bursa, located in the North West of Turkey near the Sea of Marmaris.  The skiing resort is open from between December and April depending on the level of snowfall. The altitude of Uludag skiing resort in Turkey is approximately 1800 meters, and general skiing conditions are good. The skiing resort is one of Turkey’s best with several slopes catering to skiers of different levels. Facilities at the resort include the usual accommodation options in addition to restaurants and ski hire shops.

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